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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Bomba shack

British Virgin

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By Anonymous , 14-11-2009

sevans - some choose to ask for respect, some earn it.

By Anonymous , 01-10-2008

Marked Wrong - The spot marked as Apple Bay on the Satellite photo is actually long bay. Apple bay is the next one to the north.

By Anonymous , 09-10-2007

Hold up... - Man... there is only one simple concept in Tortola, if you treat the locals with respect and remember a little about their culture then they will respect you in return, infact if you partied at Bomba's then you would understand what i mean, yes i am white but i was born in Tortola and am very proud of that, ive also lived all my life here so ive had plenty of time to get to know what the locals are like, dem could hold a bad ass party... Just get along! :)

By Mikeysoulemison! , 17-05-2007

tortola B.C. - I surfed this place 10 yrs+ (Before Claimers) were abound that think they are "Locals", Truth is the real "Locals" are either born and raised there or black or both, so quit claiming somthing that will NEVER be yours, sure you live there but it still isnt yours to "CLAIM"

By Tortola vister , 30-03-2007

- Well said, locals r cool unless antagonised by shovanistic prats like u nd if u wanna moan about my spelling well great i'm dyslexic but still got 1 1 at Oxford, dream on m8. Guys i am jealous of u who liv happy, keep living my dream

By someone who understands , 01-03-2007

WTF - Or... maybe YOU have to learn how to respect the locals and the island,it's guys just like you who are pissing off the locals in the first place, kind of suggests why they don't want you on the island, think about it, so tell me, what right do you have to start on about the education? and jealousy? or are you jealous of them, because they are living life how they want... happy.

By Anonymous , 24-01-2007

- "wannabe" lawyers and trusties live in Tortola and have every right so share the waves with you. Perhaps they can even teach you some grammar between sets, eh?

I sense a bit of frustration and jealousy there, guess you want to be educated too (two o's - this first tip is for free, you can pay me for surf lessons).

By locul , 08-11-2006

lernin two spel - You should learn to spell before you decide to give any one shit for anything "Local"

By local , 06-09-2006

- sorry tortola waves are to crappy to share with all the wanna be lawyer surfers and trusties so don,t come her expecting to score any seppo bwoys and gals.stay home.

By Seamore Pitz! , 29-04-2006

The Reel Deal! - Lets see some real photos of apple, not shitty ass onshore slop, it gets waaaay better than that. dig deep

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