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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 South point


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By Anonymous , 13-12-2007

South P - love south point, watch out when walking out there are very poisonous lion fish that can send u to the hospital , just go out by the big rock on that first little beach and you'll be fine, other than that amazing spot to surf and well worth the trip.

By kospei , 19-03-2006

gentillet - petit spot pepere , c est pas bien violent mais l eau est chaude et belles couleurs

By anonymous , 02-03-2006

south point - surfed south point last week whilst on holiday from england. 3-4ft at least every day, great long rides (mostly lefts although the odd good right), locals were ok, water really warm and turtles in the line-up! theres a guy that sells food and drink at the break but otherwise its in a quiet residential area, no surf shops local. the days i went to soup bowls is was blown out with no-one surfing, very picturesque though. south point gets very busy at about 4.30pm with locals, best to go early morning.

By TrEv , 11-08-2005

SOUTH POINT IZ SWEET - The dayz i surfed south pointwere really good!! Me and my brother had it 2-3ft 1week and 3-4 the next thatz around about but i tell ALL of u surfers to surf there if u can

By South Point Local , 25-02-2004

South Point - South Point was my home break (I lived by the lighthouse) and I surfed there pretty much every day for 7 years. 3 main peaks. Inside, which is right in front of the access, is mainly a left, but takes you deep inside, and has has bad currents. Middle peak is a left and right, and can connect to both peaks. Outside peak is mainly a right, but can chain into the middle peak. On good days, (headhigh+) you can chain the middle peak into the peaks next to it.

Left: Lefts at South Point are mostly long and steep with a few barrel sections. It tends to break quickly down the line, then back off for a bit, then speed again.

Right: Rights are shorter A-Frame waves, with barrels from takeoff and launch sections on the bowl.

Paddle out from the tiny beach to the left of the beach access, or go across the rocks some more and paddle out between the middle and right peaks. Sea urchins are rife here, so watch your step. The bottom is coral, but is generally flat, with no fire coral.

Local Vibe: There are locals here who have been surfing here for 15+ years. They WILL take the better waves on the good days, but will give respect if you rip.

By anonymous , 18-02-2004

Mike - I sured this wave in april fun wave man. i surfed it with just my dad and a couple locals. corals not bad unless you get screwed on the inside and f-up youself.

By anonymous , 01-11-2003

South Point - I surfed there in FEB 2003. Fun wave, easy, very nice left. easy paddle out. coral is not that bad.

By anonymous , 22-10-2003

Surf - I recomend it.

By alex , 30-08-2003

no title - fun wave. The locals are very friendly. when i went there wasn't any people there

By Vera , 09-12-2002

South Point |Irregularity! - Stayed here for two weeks end nov/beg dec... Two good days of overhead surf needs to be this big to 'link-up', although not a bad wave and a freindly break, no crowds, no worries.... very variable, could be good in the afternoon while shite in the morning and vice versa...

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