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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Soup bowl


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By charlie+suzi , 15-09-2008

surfing - we live in england where the water is cold and other surfers are angry and competitive but in barbados the water is nice and warm and the locals are super friendly, best surf location so far....

By Anonymous , 12-12-2007

April in Barbados - Which side of the island is most consistent in mid April?
Any possibility of solid swell?

By Anonymous , 08-07-2007

Consistency - THe best time to go to soup bowlB is sept-Nov after that all winter is good but on the south and west coast. If you go in the fall bring a big board it can get big...triple over head big

By Keen Jim , 05-07-2007

Consistency? - Hey to anyone who can help me...
How often does Soupbowls get like it is in "Campaign 2" when Slater is surfing it?
Obviously the Internet helps a lot nowdays with surf predictions etc, but does it get like that often?
Thanks heaps!

By petersjoel , 16-09-2006

kiwi peace maker - yo fullas.. i'm on my way in 2 days to surf yr spot.. i come in peace!
i'm not an arsehole, i love to share waves and my possessions and to continue in my life to spread the word of harmony.. with all the shit in the world right now ,lifes too short to be a prick in the water... so when you get a big smile from me and a "howzit?" yo. it's on! we're al havin a great time surfin w strangers.. peace

By Anonymous , 08-07-2006

May surf - Surfed Soup Bowl the first week of May 2006. It was pretty flat. Sets would line up chest high or better and look promising, then just mush out at all tides and pretty much all day. The waves would allow for a drop in and maybe 1 cut back, then it dies out totally. Like this all week. I know May may not be the best time, but that was the time I could arrange for our trip. Photo's on this site show what it's capable of, but you can get dissapointed. Getting in and out of the water is a pain as well. Reef and urchins. Go out at the rivermouth on the left side of the break. I'll be back because I know the place can break, but I was totally disapointed with my trip in May. Hi "Boatman-Paul"

By wavehunter , 23-06-2006

life changed at soup bowls - At soup bowls in '99 I was having a beer at the roundhouse and met a local surfer. I gave him a lift up the hill to his home that day, and our conversation and his fantastic attitude forever changed and shaped my life. If you're still out there bro, thanks!

By Anonymous , 12-06-2006

Re: Slater - Yeah, this is it. It was showcased in a TransWorld Surf mag issue, and Slats called it "the one day of surfing he would relive over and over..."

By anonymous , 29-05-2006

Slater - Is this the spot Kelly Slater is surfing in 'Campaign 2'? If it is holy #@$%@ this place looks like Backdoor Pipe but less crowded.

By nicola , 25-05-2006

hey - hi my names nicola im from scotland im commin to barbados in october and ive done a bit of surfin to cold here to surf most of the time and i was wondering if the soup bowl was ok for beginers. if you want to you can e-mail me at cheers xx

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