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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Church point


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By Anonymous , 25-10-2006

- lets see some pics of the double O day last season

By , 17-08-2006

Church Point - I am a west coast local,"Doctor" as we call it for some reason! is a good spot,i most'ly go left for the sweet barrel but here's the deal,to stay safe on any reef stay on your board, if the wave closes out dont play matcho laydown & navigate between the rocks if u have to never bail head or feet first in shallow water if u have to fall first as u'r going down look for the best spot to "hit" u may have to jump for it, the most safe way to go down is to do like a belly flop with your hands & feet spard wide apart as u hit the water stiffen your body [hands out wide infront] then relax, keep your eyes open do not put down your feet unlest u can see a safe place to put them [stonfish,urchins...Ex]pull your board by the leash while swimming like a frog get on & go again.O by the way the inside conetion on the right is deadly on low tide ,now go have some fun.

By wave hunter , 23-06-2006

Surfed it in 99 - I surfed this spot in '99. Had a riot, all alone out there. Before I got the spot dialed in I tried to go left and would up eating bare exposed reef and nursing reef rash and digging out sea urchins for the rest of my vacation! Should add that I LOVE BARBADOS! Best island ever!

By anonymous , 31-03-2006

Churchs - I surfed Churchs the last week in February and it was head high + . There was a VERY strong current running north to south. I paddled in place for 20 minutes and finally drifted around the bend to get out. The waves were breaking on the break wall and the only exit point was a tiny sandy beach in front of one the resorts.

Size up the conditions before paddling out...

By Chris Cranston , 16-02-2005

churches point - surfed it in 1987. clean,hollow/mellow, overhead righthander with an easy dry-hair paddleout from the beach. try not to wipeout if you go left 'cause if you do wipeout, you'll have to make a very,very careful swim through the beautiful and shallow coral garden. I did and it wasn't fun. The right is a piece of cake.

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