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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Anonymous , 09-06-2008

Waiting - Parents new job at Abaco Beach Resort has me waxing my board and staring at a calendar. Heading down in July what spots should I hit up while I'm in town, and can you walk everywhere?

By Anonymous , 08-03-2008

Japans (among MANY other names) - Japans, Bays, Hamburgers... it's got tons of names. Japans is the most used although some people still refuse to call it by Japans. SUPER fun wave, a straighfooters dream. The paddle out is extremely easy and you can easily get barreled 9/10 waves on a good day here. When it's breaking the best you can take off, get tubed come out do a cutty then anything else you want off of the rampy section. Even when it's tiny the wave is so curvy that you won't ever hop here. Sketchy when crowded though, and that happens with around 5 people, so please be courteous of the locals when you see them out!

By Anonymous , 25-04-2007

JAPANS - ya i ve also been told to call it japans but i surfed it in Mid-summer and it was still kickin up some really fun rights,and i would have to agree on the 5 stars cuz that place GOES OFF along with Garbonzos if u get it right.

By blomo , 08-12-2006

japans? - I've surfed this break a few times and I always knew it as Japans, I guess rights is a fitting name because it is a right point break but i was wondering if anyone else has heard this break called Japans? Its a fun break when its on and there's a decent swell. Not 5 star but id give it a 3.5, its a 5 star break for the East Coast but i wouldnt compare it to supertubes or anything like that. I got a few fun little barrels, it kind of reminds me of the inlet, a small fun wedgey wave.

By the dude , 31-07-2006

i caught it decent - a short right (also called hamburgers) breaks off this coral outcrop.. scored it good twice. it only works up to head high. its a picky little wave, but fun. i surfed it head hi with offshores and it was gnar. definately worth a check at high tide... ps is shallow and filled with urchins so dont blow the drop. the locals are mad cool too. respect em.

By "Shoeless" , 22-01-2006

Truthful Insight (Part II) - I noticed several errors that "Bean" reported about this spot: It's definitely not in the top 30; It can't break any bigger than about head-high (because Rush reef will block most waves); It dosen't break well most of time, which only gets decent on an east or southeast swell; There are no sharks to speak of that would bother you here; and "locals" definitely are not a problem here (becasue they're nice to begin with, and they rarely surf this spot - if at all.

By , 22-01-2006

Truthful Insight to this Spot - This is NOT a 5-star rated wave. It barely breaks good, and when it does, it could never amount to being more than a 3-star wave at its best. I have surfed this wave many times, but usually only when none of the other spots are breaking. It breaks only on small east and southeast swells at high tide. This spot never gets bigger than overhead in size, becasue if a good swell is hitting, Rush Reef keeps it from getting into this spot. The truth be told!

By , 31-10-2005

any surf? - Hello..staying in abaco for 10 days dec26-jan5th. Is there usually any surf around that time..if so where can I go. Should I bring my own board? It would just be me going out. I'm polite and wont get in the locals way, just try to get a ride. Can you give me some info.

By anonymous , 28-06-2005

feeport - from freeport it is about a 25 minute flight or a 4 hour boat ride. The boat ride is long because you have to round the northern end of mainland abaco and then work your way back south. Don't worry about the locals, show respect and you will get it.

By Sealion local , 22-06-2005

Help - Anyone tell me how long the trip is from Freeport (Grand Bahama). I am going to be in Freeport for about 5 months and want the closest surfable spot..
Locals, please dont freak out..I can surf and I am respectful of not showing up with 8 guys with funny accents...I'll buy the first round of Kaliks or whatever your drinking.

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