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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Love beach


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By George , 29-08-2008

Please explain - What does it mean to "snap a deuce"?

By Anonymous , 26-07-2008

I snapped a deuce in the lineup - For anyones claiming they be breaking 2 by 4's u izz a howie. I remembers you sitting on boat when to bigs to go out. You den paddle out and sit in channel and den I snapped deuce right near you. That deuce be the only thing you caught all day...

By Anonymous , 24-04-2008

Consistency? - I might be moving to Nassau for work and wanted to know how often there are waves there? How often is if completely flat? I am not a wave hog, wherever I have surfed I have always respected the locals. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

By George , 10-04-2008

Yeah, this me now, George. - All right, it's time that sombody come out and say what need to be say. Let me weigh in. People come around acting like it ain't no problem to get scared and jump off your $%* board on the face when the next man is in the barrel. Yeah! All I guh say is: try that &^%$ on me. If I get hit by sombody board or somebody body, I guh clap you with one piece of two-by-four until you shift in your pants. If I ALMOST get chap by sombody board or sombody body, I still guh clap you with one two-by-four but only until you trowe. Man, this is a bunch of foolishness! And if your boat sink, take your cut-ass. Don't be looking to teef the next man boat while he busy in the tube. He ain't got time for that. And if you know Karate, that's good. I'll show you what I do to Kung Fu jonzers! You come as passenger, but leave as freight. I man will trowe all ya'll out of that cage.

By woady , 21-03-2008

- ya boi this wave is sick but if ur a barney dont bother cause all of tha locals will not have that shit! respect is key!

By Anonymous , 11-03-2008

Should be called Hate Beach - I hate this break. Ive been surfing NSSA since I was 8yrs old and this was definately the worst break Ive seen in the bahamms. If you fall you will get cut up and will need lemon juice applied ASAP. Good Luck finding lemons 1mile out of shore. I stayed w/ my commercial fisherman friend for 45-days and saw right down the beach and it broke twice and was waist to stomach at best...very mushy!! Lots of Sharks. Stick to Eluethra or Abaco
Matt R

By Anonymous , 11-03-2008

Not your surf destination!!!! - Ya we get waves here sometimes. ( look at Nassau on a map) You will all be better off going to Surfers Beach as there are more waves frequently there and the locals are more welcoming. Nassau is not the cheapest place to vacation and you need a car and a boat to get to the break if there are waves.
There is one take off zone that I will be on with 7 of my friends who all are cage fighters. Maybe you can go left though.

Kind regards,


By Anonymous , 11-10-2006

love beach rocks - The locals you'll find here are totally chill. j'boy had a bad experience. The wave is so well behaved its not funny. It has its totally epic days, where it is world class. Other days is just very nice. If there is any swell in the waters, its peeling along. There are no fights, and there are no crowds in the bahamas.
Most times in the Bahamas you are looking for someone to surf with. On occasion there are a solid group of people in the water, but there are no testosterone ridden surfers. Everyone is there because they love the ocean. There are no cameras.

By , 11-09-2006

Mean locals... - My buddy and I paddled out there. The locals were giving my buddy on a "sponge board" lots of grief. He felt bad and starting chilling in the channel.

One of the locals pulled into a barrel. When it looked like there was no way he was coming out, I paddled in. I almost landed on his head.

He threatened to kill me, and then said come here m-f, come here m-f. I'll kill you.

We were pretty vibed out and paddled back to shore.

By anonymous , 08-03-2006

message from love beach - i live on the beach right in front of Love break....
all i gotta say is you shoulda been here yesterday!

but i'm really glad you weren't

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