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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 James point


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By , 20-06-2007

The "Real" James Point - From (Surf Quest Adventures):

Most people today have no clue where the "real" James Point break is. You'll find that most surfers paddle out in front of the rocks that are located just to the left (north) of where the beach access road ends (i.e.; the road that leads in around northern end of the marsh pond that ends on the northern end of the bay). BUT this isn't the true "James Point" break. The real spot is located around the bay on the other side (on the south tip, where the outer reef begins which extends down along and towards south Eleuthera). It's a Right Hander that breaks on an outer reef (not the wave that breaks close to shore near the northern bay end of the bay; and its definitely not the wave breaking right smack in the middle of the bay).

We first surfed this spot way back in 1981, when NOBODY else would dream go paddling out. It was truly an awesome experience - being one of the first to have pioneered this spot way back - though I suspect there were probably other nomad surfers who surfed it even before us).

This you should know though, the spot can give you an awkward or freaky sensation at times, as "unexpected" quests can show up uninvited, who you'd prefer to never see in the line-up. I'm talking about the true locals, sharks, and some big ones at that. So stay aware and keep your eyes open if you decide to put in the time to walk around the bay to paddle out.

All in all though, this wave can handle some big stuff! We've seen it going off well over 20', with waves rolling through that would make most people stain their undies if they ever faced some of the sizable waves that break here!

By RW, DE , 31-03-2006

James Piont is good - I surf James Point in February. Nice head- high swell coming in. The right is pretty good and I would recommend this wave. But the drive getting there is a pain.

By Da Local Boyz , 18-02-2006

Stay Away - If you're a sandbar, ripper guy, and surf mostly waist high crud, then this place ain't for you. Do us all a favor and surf Surfers Beach Rights, at night!!! Better yet, go hang at Elvina's and drink yourself silly...
Thanks for paying attention!

By ern more , 11-02-2006

been there - this other guy's post sounds kinda extreme, but is fairly truthful. does get hairy, and is very shallow. if you are used to shallow rocky breaks, is fine. can be a very fun wave, like most spots on the right day, but other places on the island like holiday beach (my favorite wave on the island above "surfers beach") is much more fun and surfable than james's. i have had the most fun at mid tides. better waves in the abacos

By anonymous , 12-12-2005

be careful! - I went out to james point the other day, and it was pretty hairy. the beach where you paddle out is only about 100 ft long, and around the rocky headland is miles of dry reef and cliffs. the waves were head+, disorganized, breaking mostly right w a current to boot. some idiot actually decided to paddle out and the currents dragged him down the beach and around the bend. I thought he as dead! I walked down there and he was alive, but he was cut up from head to toe and his board was slashed. if you do decide to paddle out, keep your bearings and dont go right unless you can paddle against the current.

By anonymous , 22-11-2005

Exploer from Maine - I am going to find this spot in March, surf it and take photos - we'll get back to you

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