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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Abaco islands


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By Anonymous , 09-06-2008

Pumped - Parents new job at Abaco Beach Resort has me waxing my board and staring at a calendar. Heading down in July what spots should I hit up while I'm in town, and can you walk everywhere?

By Anonymous , 04-03-2007

man of war cay - does anyone know if there is surf nearby (short boat ride) from man of war cay? I'm going with family...hoping to bring a board.

By Anonymous , 16-10-2006

- out the back of petes pub there's a good left. when i saw it it was big and long. definetely not a beginners wave.

By Niels , 22-11-2005

No Surf Tourism - Well guys, this is one of the secret spots, because the focus is on beaches and tourism in general. If you come to Abaco, Hope Town, speak to Neil. He might give you some hints- if you all behave.

By reef4212 , 24-04-2005

No surf - I have been all over abaco for a couple of years, and have tried to surf there. I have also been to treasure cay and it is in the protected abaco sea, which means no waves at all. However if you take a ferry from marsh harbour to elbow cay (hopetown) You can surf at Garbonzo beach which is right next to the abaco inn. It is on a rocky reef and not recommended for beginners.

By Forest , 17-08-2004

getting to "Abaco Islands" - How do I get to "Abaco Islands" from Treasure Cay Marina?
If anyone has detailed instructions that would be great. Thanks, -Forest

By brett in san diego , 14-04-2004

surf in the Abacos? - I'm heading out for a wedding in the 1st week of June in Treasure Cay. Can anybody give me a little advice for how to get to the surf and will there be any?


By worried mother jclark8@charter.neu , 19-02-2004

surf - treasure cay - i am taking my 15 year old and his friends to treasure cay. where are some waves without too much of a risk of sharks?

By , 02-01-2004

STOKED!!! - I am taking a 25ft sailboat from Miami to the Abacos in the fall. I would apprectiate it if someone could send me some grids to good breaks or had any helpful info about ressuply, when conditons are best, and any helpful tips. If you are interested in coming along and have skills in first-aid, ding repair, sailing, and fishing I wouldn't mind sharing the waves. I may be gone for over a month and am planning on utilizing the local resources for a good portion of the food supply -so ex-military and travelers will probably have a better time than someone who is used to the resort life.There is only room for three (including myself) and there is one spot left. I will expect you to pay one third of the docking fees, Bahamas customs fees, fuel, water, food, and you will be responsable for one third of the duties (cooking, fishing, sailing, and maintenence-if needed). If you have some of these skills, but are lacking in others, and are serious about your surfing adventures, than I would be more than happy to arrange training prior to our departure.

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