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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 West point


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By arubadub , 25-01-2011

I still go there - mostly when rancho is flat, and I'm already around there, and don't wanna go to Dunes. I think because of the rocks there are usually still 3-4ft waves and yea they are on and around rocks sticking out. Not great I agree, but I enjoy it still and ride my longboard there. Watch your fins though, can be pretty shallow.

By webo cayente , 28-09-2009

a rarity - this place rarely breaks. and when it does most people will be at rancho. i had a great session here years ago when the swell came from a different direction(W instead of wrapping aropund the tip from NE) and the bottom was covered in sand carried by the waves. only 2 other people out. as a former windsurfer i knew this spot had potential for surf/boogy. but i rarely rode it because it's so fickle.
i love my boogy
...for life

By , 23-01-2006

Visiting Aruba in febuary 06 - I will be visiting Aruba in Febuary and I wanted to know;
Where is the surfing good at that time of year for an intermediate surfer
& Where can I rent a surfboard.
Thanks in advance.

By anonymous , 01-10-2005

dontt talk when you dont know - dammit! poser...this is not rancho...westpunt ius past the point of aua..and no one surfs there beacuase of bad quility waves and rocks..not worth it..go to dooms
and fuck posers@@

By Jamil Wever , 04-06-2004

feeling lonely at rancho? - westpoint or as we the natives call it "rancho" depends solely on severe weather conditions like hurricanes to produce sets of 8 to 10 feet waves, that's why nobody goes there frequently. But when the winds turn and come from the south or s.w. then it hits big and you'll find yourself waiting for your turn or occasionally fighting for a wave, but it's worth it! or you can go to spot which is located on the northside of the lighthouse. Sharkbay (near andycuri) or waryruri are also good surfspots btw andy is for beginners, check them out, and if you wanna jam at rancho tune in at in the hurricane season! Ride 'em good! c-ya out there!

By unanimous , 02-03-2004

lonely old wespunt - judging by the number of messages here i'd say that nobody rides westpoint anymore, which does not surprise me.

By aruban surfer , 24-11-2003

Uhm.... - Ok, let's use the real spot names in their original Dutch. it's Westpunt. Second, that spot is not 4 stars, those rocks there make that wave idiotic to surf. I've seen Jeroen windsurf the place and he should be the only one to attempt jumping those waves. It is not a good surfspot. If Westpunt is breaking, Arashi will be epic and it's pointless to risk getting yourself hurt by those rocks in the line-up when right down the point Arashi is firing. 1 star at the most.

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