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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By bosoturtakooks , 28-09-2009

how to be a kook - step 1: find an awesome barreling wave that breaks from one end of the bay till the other
step 2: don't go in the water

By Anonymous , 02-07-2006

Wari was unbeliveble today - Man 2dayu we stood infront of wari it was 2 big we stood there in dais belife i couldn't belife my eyes but it was pretty good doo we kept staring nooh most of the waves were close but if you waight long enough came this single wave or a set of like 3 of thos perfect big ass wave that barrelled and kept on barrelling from one point of the boka thill the other one like it looked like a rideble wave but we still didn't paddle out.

By Tara , 26-03-2004

Renting - I was wondering if there is a place that u can rent surfboards or to get lessons on surfing, as I have never surfed before.

By Greg , 13-03-2004

"Rents Boards" - Yo, dude, Bula surf shop in the capital, right in the Royal Plaza shopping center. Look for a big pink building and theres like levels of shopping stores. Its towards the back. the guys in there are mad chill, and will help u out with anything, if u go, and see them, tell them greg from new england said hey, thanks bro, and rip it up, peace

By wave-aholics unanimous , 02-03-2004

why all this aggression? - oh, what childish foolery. it seems big ripper is very full of himself. perhaps people like him are better of at the bottom of the ocean than on the surface.

By , 15-01-2004

Rent Boards - Can anyone tell me where to rent a board? Don't want to bring my own....

Please email me.


By anonymous , 04-01-2004

Unsurfable - This place was unsurfable this week when I was there...looked EXTREMELY dangerous and very rough...maybe it is better at other times but no one was out there and I doubt anyone was heading out.....

By not amuzed , 24-11-2003

WTF?? - Ok, what is with these idiotic pictures?? The first one is taken at Andicuri (another surfspot in aruba) and the second one is fricken pipeline!! This is bullcrap!

By big ripper , 07-11-2003

rodeward sucks again! - you know man you suck! again!!

By anonymous , 01-10-2003

no title - I just returned from Aruba: great fun. I took my boogie board and flippers, got in my 4wd jeep and went surfing. Wariruri and Dos Playa were the best. None were West Coast quality, but it was a good diversion from wind surfing and snorkeling and generally being on vacation.

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