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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Fin , 20-06-2002

Don't believe the hype - I think some of these previous comments on the wave quality and potential of Aruba are unjustified. You have to find these spots and they're all on the north coast, not the east coast. The waves are too choppy in those areas, but the bays protect the waves from the wind. Dos Playa is a high quality shorebreak and Wariruri is a blast when it's on. There are always waves in Aruba. Just gotta find em. Yeah, it's not a pure sick surf trip worthy place, but it is definitely a fun place to surf. Bring a board if you're down there. And also, there are a lot of people surfing there now and it actually does get crowded in places on the weekends.

By ...LOST , 18-06-2002

Aruba Surfing - Just Like Anywhere....catch it good and its GOOD. If your passing through because your parents are on a cruise and all you have done before is surfed Daytona Beach, then your best bet is to just hang out at the casino. The breaks are mostly reef, sharp rocks...strong currents. And a few places hold a big swell. If your not with your friends plan on surfing alone...because there is not too much of anyone around that surfs. Bring your own equipment...not too much for surf shops on the island... And most of all, the local crackheads will steal anything in your car (especially in the San Nicholas area).

By , 12-06-2002

surf Aruba - We lived in Aruba for 6 months; most of the time(=basically always) there are NO rideble waves; except for the North but this is a dangerous spot because of cliffs and sharp rocks ( we saw some bleeding surfers at our E.R., though !). Arashi beach had nice waves only one day in February ,FLAT for the rest of the year; it's not worth it !

Barry, Belgium

By Sandor de Kluizenaar , 23-05-2002

no title - I have surf-checked this island in the early nineties. The east coast has onshore NE-tradewinds so is practically always blown out. Best and most consistent spot is most likely the northwest corner producing something that looks like a right point break with offshore wind. Best waves probably from hurricanes passing at a safe distance. I never surfed Aruba but I know there are people who have surfed it but who are probably smart enough to not talk about it. I would skip Aruba for a surf trip but if you have to go there it might be worth the gamble of taking a board.

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