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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By anonymous , 04-01-2004

yes there are waves in bonaire - you need a car tough

By anonymous , 04-01-2004

no title - Is there any surf on Bonaire?

By euskal heria , basq coast surfer di korsouw , 29-10-2003

watapana den bo sanka - bon swa nan ,ta ki konio boso nan ta kere anto?
ban rutig love one hart lets get to gether and feel all wright(bob marley) we dont need no more trobble...boso nan sa carlito bo tambe, no hode, i am watchin you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By , 14-07-2003

surfing, woo hoo! - hey guys, im alyse and i live in South Carolina. i am going to visit aruba in february. i plan on bringing my board and scuba gear. are the waves any good in february?? where is a good place to stay? i am trying to figure out from the locals if this is the place for surfing. email me for any input on the surfing.

By Johnny the Walker , 08-07-2003

Head High - Yo people, good waves in Aruba ,...
8-9 footers...
Wariruri, Dos Playa, Rincon.....

By , 03-07-2003

I want to learn how to surf - Can anyone tell me a good place to learn to surf in Aruba? I'm going this summer and really want to learn! Thanks!~!:o)

By , 17-06-2003

ARUBA SURFING - Howzit? I will be working in Aruba for a couple of days 6/29 - 7/3, and would like to catch some waves. Will there be any ridable surf? Are there shops that rent boards? What spots are most consistent this time of year? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to seeing your beautiful island. Later

By If the flag falls down, pick it up and keep on walking!!! , 26-05-2003

surfshops, closest breaks, best season - yo yo,
How is everybody?
Wel there are surfshops and i've heard that they'd just open a new one.

The closest and easiest break to get to I think it's wariruri.

The best season? Hurricane season (between august and november) but on aruba the seasons aren't important, it has nearly every day fun waves....

I'll be there again over 2 months..See ya

By anonymous , 21-05-2003

no title - als je naar een beach wil gaan om te gaan surfen moet je vragen voor de noordkust en dan pas kan je de spots daar achter gaan zoeken. ze zijn wel een beetje moeilijk te vinden, je oet met een jeep gaan of moet gaan kanperen......succes

By carlito from curacao , 14-05-2003

DOS PLAYA - THat is all i need to add if you are looking for a beach break.....

It will rip you a second asshole..
and it will fill your asshole with sand...

enjoy the RAW power....

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