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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By , 03-07-2004

Loooking for info - I'm staying on the northwest side of the Island, Tamarin resort or something? Looking for info on rentals, swells and breaks for the end of August in that area. I'll be there on a honeymoon but would like to log some water time! I've been stuck with Great Lakes surf for the past couple years and I'm Jonesin'!!!

By , 22-06-2004

Aruba ta beach beach - Come and surf aruba anytime.....

By Bobby Marley , 09-06-2004

netherlands - aruba - Im planning to visit Aruba soon, and i would like to know if being Aruba part of the Netherlands Antilles, is there any "cofee shops" as in Amsterdam we find Bulldogs and similars. Also were its possible to find good waves at July / August season.

By anonymous , 31-05-2004

Surfing in Aruba >> - Hey people!

I visted Aruba for 2 weeks in May 04. Had a great time - sunshine everyday, friendly people etc. As for surfing...well there's waves all the time over there but its nearly always onshore - and blowing hard, and there spots are limited. There arent too many options (wariuri beach is the basically the only spot) if you're a standup surfer (and the winds blowing hard). The rest of the waves are wedgey baeches - great for bodyboarding. If you're lucky enough to get a change in the wind direction then theres more options. Other than that, go there when there's a hurricane about and your options will increase again.....if any one whats to email me - no problem....


By anonymous , 09-03-2004

no title - Where is the best surf on Bonaire? Is it outside of Lac Bay? How often does it break and what swell direction does it require? Additionally, what is the scene like on Curacao?

By , 17-02-2004

Local boy from Aruba - Theres more things going on on this island than you think.there are some other surf spots that arn't shown on the have to connect with the locals to get some info.Around january there are better all depends on the weather.there are some days where the waves are just perfect.but you have to be lucky.
Wariruri is the best surfing spot on the island.this place is popular for surfers.Beside wariruri you have another place called california reef,this is a reef break,not alot of people ride this place.
you can say that the waves here are better for get some nice unique waves just like the wedge.these waves are verry fun to right.
in the future i'll be working on a webpage,where you will get pictures of all surf spots.with some sick waves.
for more info. on surfing Aruba,you can contact me
at no surfboard?no problem we will help getting one for u.just contact me.

local boy

By anonymous , 09-02-2004

BRING YOUR ON BOARD - I was in Aruba on February 3, 2004. Don't plan on doing any surfing unless you bring your own board. The only surf shop on the Island, Bula in the Royal Plaza, might be getting boards to rent in the future????So if you don't have a board, go to the closest bar grab a beer and get drunk. Ecspecially if its going off.

By , 02-02-2004

Ima kill it in Aruba! - YO wahts good. Im leaveing for Aruba in 3 days. There better be some waves. From what i can gather on this site it doesnt look that great, but im from New York so some warm wind-chop will do just fine. E-mail me if you really know where the waves are.

By anonymous , 14-01-2004

Tough place to find a surfboard - No place on the island rents boards...I looked around for quite some time over christmas week..i finally found one....down past the hotels there is a place that does windsurfing on the beach...they have like motor homes on the beach and they may have a surfboard to rent...a shitty one though..the guy rented it to me for $20 for 2 hours or so....the surf was pretty good...I reccomend going out by the lighthouse there...ask for Armando..he's the guy who rented the board to me and told me where to go...if the waves are breaking at that spot like they were when I was there, you will be pretty pumped.....cause it was sick when I was there...good luck!!!!

By Hate the cold, love Aruba... , 12-01-2004

Would love to surf while I'm there... - I'm a surfer from Philadelphia who spends a good amount of time in New Jersey riding some damn cold surf these days. I will be down in Aruba next week and would love to surf. I'm probably not bringing a board, so I will need to rent one. Any suggestions or help would be great!!!!

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