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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Missy W. , 15-01-2008

ARUBA BOUND! - my husband and I are coming down to ARUBA june 7-14th and are interested in surfing. We live in the midwest of USA and have never surfed before. We didn't know if there was anywhere where we could rent surfboards down in aruba. If someone could let us know-we'd sure be greatful! thanks!

By , 27-06-2007

boarding - I'll be there from the 7th - 14th..looking for some nice waves to bodyboard...My wife and I enjoy boarding and are looking for some experienced boarders, be it surf or body to join us.

What's a good place to check the surf report?

By , 27-06-2007

Planning to surf Aruba - I'll be comming in to town on july 2nd and staying thru july 9th. I'm bringing my 6'6" and looking to hook up with someone or anyone who knows their way around. it's looking like there will be some decent surf to ride. I'm From NYC and have surfed up and down the east, west coasts,puerto rico hawaii and mexico. I'll be staying at the sunspree holiday inn. My wife and I are comming in for a wedding and looking forward to the tropics.
so if anyone would want to meet up, I don't want to surf alone but definitely want to surf. please send me an email or respond to this sight.

By waves2rip@yahoo , 29-05-2007

in aruba now - hey there, i'm at the rennassance marina, have 2 boards that i'll bring if you have a car to drive to other side of island. thinking of going on 30th afternoon, might be a little something. walk down to marina and ask for Buck on sailboat Sir Martin II. cheers

By Patrick or Sabrina - VZE298ZP@VERIZON.NET , 28-04-2007

Surf May 28 thru June 2 2007 - Looking for two surfboards and a guide to the Aruba surf during the week of May 28 through June 2, 2007. The equipment is for a begginner age 20 and a retired surfer age 50. Contact Patrick or Sabrina - VZE298ZP@VERIZON.NET

By , 21-03-2007

To Old Surfer, I am in Aruba, can you help me find surf - Hi Old Surfer,

I am also "not young", will be 60 in June.

I have only tried surfing a few times bt I like it and want to find a surf spot to retire. I am taking my fist Kiteboard lesson today too.

I am a competition slolom waterskier and I wake board some too, so I am not new to the water.

What do you think about Aruba to retire and to surf & Kiteboard away my remaining years?

I will gladly hire you or someone to show me around (I have a car), or if you prefer, drinks or dinner to get some advice. I am staying at the Marriott Ocean Club. I am here for 6 days. Email me or call and leave a message for me.

Hope to hear from you.

Mike Pollastro

By Anonymous , 21-02-2007

Surfing in April - Does anyone know how good the surfing is at the end of April?

Thank you!

By Duke , 10-02-2007

yup.. - ...i agree wholeheartedly with "old surfer". It is a great place for the waterman. I have been to be going to Aruba long enough to catch Arashi at its finest hour (Nov 2003), it just like those classic sessions with shoulder high glass walls like you get on the west coast of Barbados during hurricane season. I hope to join old surfer to live in Aruba soon, he'll have to call me "old man" then. Too bad there is no consistent longboard spot...

By Old Surfer , 09-11-2006

Take Aruba seriously! - Aruba is a great place to windsurf, kite surf and surf. This island is also a fantastic place to live.
For the all-round Water Sport's man/women it just doesn't get any better. Don't limit yourself to one water sport and expirement with all them, they all have some surfing. Icrease you odds of having a good time, be competitive and stay fit.
For windsurfers and Kiteboarders Late Winter and specialy Spring,the wind is amazing creating some side offshore conditions on the North and North East/South East. When wind shifs a little the waves start hitting the coast, just awesome!
Surfers have it good on the North and North East Side since to the Trade Wind bring some good constant supply of waves. It is at the end of the Spring and Huricane season were I have experienced the biggest waves in Aruba. If you have a boat or other transportation, check out Curacao's North Eastern Coast and neighbour island Klein Curacao. The surfer community on these islands is small and very protective of their beaches. Please keep the sport at the finest level and conduct yourself with respect. Give a hand a keeping the beach clean.

By Anonymous , 27-07-2006

the age of discovery is now - Man Aruba hasi a bunch a spot that gets really good you just have to have 2 equitment like a car or boat Haha Lolz haha man it got big ones on the south side mane we rode the hole south side man belive me 1 saw like atleast 5 new spots that has 3 or more star rating man and we stoped on the best place rode there and it was tottaly epic perfict conditions off shore bloow and extra long ride so man on the north sidde it trakes alot more balls it gets really big there and the condition arent perfect at all but it a new spot maybe it will get it´s days 2 become perfect yo a help for places that maight have unridden spots behind palm island behind barcadera reef thats were the dump is and rif in savaneta i saw that place with my own eyes to much of a paddle out with out a boat but it looked really heavy with good barrels. dddddyhea chek those places you never know you might be the finder of a other dos playa on Aruba ;P

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