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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Boa baranca


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By , 12-06-2007

locual Boa Baranca DKer haha Lolz SSR Allan - This is my home break and the reef is getting better atlas it's fixing the destruction off horacane Lenny. In 2006 is was on like 10 times in the year that's allot for this spot and now in 2007 it's already on like 15 times so it's getting better and the surf is getting longer and it started to pitch in some barrel's to i caught my first drop knee barrel here to day. yea I'll try getting more pics to put on the site. And the swell from this week is looking good so if you get the chance drop by this friday :P

By Allan , 13-03-2007

waw legend off boa baranca is true - man i heard allot of storry's of this place how good it was hoe you could ride perfect hollow barrell's but i never expierienced it i waited a year for this 2 happen but it did it was just crazy man 4 poeple in the watter no sun almost no wind big swell shallow reef a meter or 2 benth you what else can you ask for man couldn't yake no picture do but i have some from the first but not the epic big day man but back 2 the story it was just perfect man i remebering seeing 2 mter hi waves man breaking remebering paddleing and seeing a good locked in a barrell i coat few good one 2 but that wave was the one that i couldn't get out my head it was aswome dark blue big and 2 top it off i little off shore blow it was a pretty big wave he charged i'm like he's not gonna make it but he made the drop full pulled in a sick barrell and he came out 2 wave of the day

By anonymous , 11-04-2006

- When was the last time it was on????

By Carlos , 08-04-2006

BBP - BEEBEEP 4 life:P BBP= Boa Baranca perfection.. :D

By Patrick R , 01-02-2006

boa baranca rules - this is where I had learned to bodyboard. When its on it's on, big, fast and really long waves. and always uncrowded, great place to chill and enjoy the waves
beach life rules

By Carlos , 29-01-2006

yeah man - i live like in front of bou baranca and i can see when its good or not beautifull! it's very good there on a good day not joking it seems like it sux but it doesnt man! chill u know.. u can like train over there wanna train dropknee or carve just go there and enjoy!

By anonymous , 28-01-2006

Pasions - well no body in aruba really gives a fuck about this beach but man belife me if you get this beach on a good day it's tha bomb. I rode this place ones it was like 2 meter best waves i rode in my life till now Lolz. So peeps if you know that horacane is passin on the south side drop by by the beach beliof me you will not regret it> :D

By jacky the jokeman , 15-11-2005

seeing things - Whenever I surf here, I keep seeing this blonde american mermaid...sleeping with the fishes.....

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