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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By unanimous , 02-03-2004

i'd rather drown than ride here - that aruba has crappy waves is a fact that no aruban will deny. that andicuri is the smallest, crappiest spot on the entire northern coastline is also common knowledge. however, crappy bodyboarders have a tendency to open their mouths, or in this case, type away, without proper knowledge and experience. so for everybody out there who doesn't suck, stay away from andi. there is a smaller bay next to andi however (right next to the natural bridge, so if yr a real badass you'll launch jumping of the bridge), where on its day you can see some of the better waves (and thus the better riders) abuba has to offer.
however, if underwear full of seaweed is your idea of fun, andicuri is the place to be!

By big ripper dick , 07-11-2003

this is 5 star!!!!! - im telling you this is the best place to be
i rule at this spot!!!
its even better than pipeline ..and i am better than you!
you all know who you are!! im better and you can suck my dick!!if you see me in the water say hi to me! and we will see ho is better

By anonymous , 01-10-2003

no title - I agree: 1/2 star barely. Wariruri and dos playa are better. They are also off the beaten path, and less crowded.

By wildy shikaka , 08-09-2003

5 stars? - 5 stars = 1/2 star........barely.

By , 01-08-2003

tell the poeple the truth. - The last time i saw adicuri going of was in 1998 since then i have seen nothin worthy of even 1 star. I admit it used to be nice back in the day but now it just sucks, and it's crowded with tourists and little groms. Advice to surfers out there ... if your on Aruba and you want to surf don't go there. (p.s. you can catch a pic i made of Dos Playa on this site)

By jajajajaja , 22-05-2003

not 5 star wave - This wave is not at the level of padang padang or pipeline (5 stars), andicuri wave is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Jimmy from Aruba, But you can call me James , 03-05-2003

Totally 5-Star - come on now. this spot is absolute 5-star. this spot is absolute magic! screw indo, go to aruba! this place is SWEET! on a good day, the four foot waves break for almost 30 meters. how could you not call this 5-star? those who think 100 yard barreling reef breaks are 5-star, you're sorely mistaken. 30 yard barreling waves in Aruba is the real definition of 5-star. GET REAL!!!

By , 06-01-2003

guy in pic/tom from the woods - andicuri is not a spot like in the books, it is totely different, u have to experience it for ur self to judge it and don't judge it in one day u got to go there for a while and get it in the hurricane season cause then it kick's azz

By , 03-12-2002

Carlito from curacao says HIGH!!! - Wassup arubanos????
how is the swell these days?
arashi going off????

Ill be back soon...

Greets from da nation...

bon shon nan... bastilla....
keep it up! and check my site....

By monrick croes , 22-11-2002

this is for absurd, get a grip and overrated! - well people let's just vote for our Aruba, i mean come on it's not about the ratings, it's just about the years we experienced there in andicuri, spend there, the nice waves it used to produce 5 years ago, so let's just vote, vote for every good experience we had bodyboarding there ok thanx!

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