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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Buchi , 13-10-2005

This is for all the tourist that talk shit !!!!!!! - We have season's in Aruba. We don't have big wave everyday but when we get swell going in, it's big. Tha's why we have balls. Since monday oct.10 we got some 15 feet wave that we drop in. Hopefully tommorow th.13 we get some big wave still. I wanna invite all the surfers around the world to come in the month of oct. to come to surf. Our surf is more aggresive to come and join us and stop bitching about Andicuri.

By anonymous , 12-09-2005

5 stars - what the hell..this looks like lake michigan

By greetings from Curacao ;-) , 29-08-2005

not so good - Aruba's surf is not really all that good most of the year. As a bodyboarder or surfer you can have lots of fun most of the year. There are some spots that will REALLY FIRE and give awesome rides. The problem is that they do not work that often.

By Roland , 04-07-2005

One Star, perhaps - This is a bullshit spot. Stop giving away stars when ranking a spot; it'll waste our time and money

By anonymous , 07-06-2005

big ripper dick=kook - mate this is proble on of the worst spots that i have ever seen u can have it u must be a kook coz you talk`ur self up so much a real bodyboarder has more respect for himself and the water

By anonymous , 13-05-2005

- This wave blows for board. Decent for boogie

By Prya , 09-02-2005

message for The Real E - Hey, i'll be in aruba coming sunday and i would like to join you in discovering all the spots...i'm a complete amateur (i hope u don't mind), but i can give good feedback for the amateurs about the spots !! mail me :

By anonymous , 02-01-2005

a tip for the not-believer - Andi is not bad, it's just a season spot.
when the hurricane season hits, get a grip cause you'll get some sweet pipes.

By The Real E , 10-12-2004

Time will tell - I will be traveling to aruba this February and plan on surfing all of the spots listed, surf permitting. To all of you people who traveled there and bashed the place, get a grip. It has been my experience that people who bitch and complain about the surf can't surf, use the conditions as an excuse to hide their lack of skill,and never live at the beach. Thank you in advance to all of you who taken the time to submit photos and constructive reveiws.

By anonymous , 08-03-2004

I agree - aruba is good for windsurfing

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