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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Samoa Western

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By admin , 02-08-2006

Hum.. - Hey, have a break dude...

Now the community is "on"


By Admin , 01-08-2006

Take it easy - hi guys...
The surf Atlas is not dedicated to personnals objections.

the Wannasurfers forum is available :


By , 24-07-2006

Sa'Moana - The best surf adventure I've had in regards to surf, accomadations, people, and vibe. The surf went off for 6 straight days! Boulders at 6-8 ft perfection May 4/5, 2005. Wacka's and X-Spot at 3-5 ft with only five people in the water. We scored with camp guides, Jono, Pat, Luke (the best frickin cook I know), Simon and Fale the bar tender. Still can't believe Daniel ate that huge beetle off the wall alcohol makes you do strange things)! Thanks guys! Fale, keep the Valima's cold - Justin, Cole and I will be back April 17-24, 2007.

Ron Lewis
San Diego, CA

By Palagi surfer , 09-04-2006

Indigenous Samoan surf guide available! - If you wanna surf Samoa but hate the idea of going through a camp but still make sure you get some get good waves, check out Lee, the only indigenous Samoan surf guide. Lee grew up surfing in Savaii and has worked for both Savaii Surfaris and Salani Surf Resort. He knows ALL of Samoa better than any expat surf guide on island, bar none, and is a good hard charging surfer who will paddle into almost anything! He's now doing his own thing, working as an independent surf guide. Athough he's mainly based in Savaii, he can take you surfing anywhere in Samoa you want to go, Upolu included. He knows of waves no one else knows of, especially on Savaii. He'll watch out for you the whole time, plus he knows the language (obviously). Give him a call on his mobile (in Samoa) at 7773305 or email him at or even just show up at Satuiatua Beach Fale (on Savaii) and ask for him. Without a doubt Lee is the best way yet to surf Samoa, plus he's a super cool guy who plays guitar and will entertain you at night with some nice Samoan songs!

By anonymous , 30-03-2006

mahalos cuzin' - thanks for the info on samoa will contact your braddah--aloha, Thomas

By anonymous , 29-03-2006

Savaii - Anyone surfed on savaii? How long are the waves at agaona left and agaona right? What are the conditions in april like? Are there any really long waves on the south coast or are the all short barrels?

By big island boy , 22-03-2006

island boyz - howzit maui crew. maninoa is the place to stay. august rocks at boulders and all the other south side spots. maninoa is $70 australian a day includes meals, accomodations and boat transfers out to the waves. cannot beat it. samoa is not easy just to "camp" and the waves are pretty far offshore so need a boat. contact wayno at to book for maninoa, tell him scott sent you.

By Thomas , 14-03-2006

info on samoa - Aloha everyone was wonderin if anyone knew if august would be a good time for me and a few of the bros from maui to score good waves in samoa. Were all sort of limited on funds and were thinkin of just campin it, possibly just a week or two at one of the resorts. Please any info would be rad, my e-mail is Mahalo for any feedback.

By anonymous , 13-03-2006

Laulii - I lived in Laulii and the surf is not 300-400m paddle at all. Probably 150m.

Swell has gotta be right though and can break real nice

By anonymous , 09-03-2006

Samoa info - Samoa can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. you can stay in a beach fale for about 60 tala (about 25 USD)a night dinner & light breakfast included. Or stay at one of the surf camps for easier access to the breaks. There are a few breaks like bolders that you dont a boat to get to. However the majority of breaks are on the outer reef and it can be difficult to find a safe channel to paddle out through so access to a boat is an advantage.

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