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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Samoa Western

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By fafa , 22-11-2006

Maninoa surf camp - Maninoa surf camp was worse than Aginoa for different reasons. The food is abundant but the hygiene has to be questioned as I had to run from the dining table and spew up during one meal. There is only one male toilet and in the morning there is often no running water meaning everyones shit gets pile on top of each others - disgusting. Worse still is the camp has only one tiny rubber ducky for transport to the waves. They charge handsomely for the accommodation and each taxi to the waves, so it's no acceptable that one morning some people had to wait for over half an hour on the beach as the small boat had to do three trips out to the wave with a small motor before everyone was delivered to the wave. Not acceptable and the owners need to invest more money back into the business as in its current state it is a sham

By Si & Vez , 21-11-2006

Coconuts surf - We are hopefully travelling to Coconuts beach resort next march/april - getting slightly worried witht he negativity on this message board. Does anyone have any useful info on the surf and locals before we book this?

By fafa , 17-11-2006

Aganoa surf camp - Good surf camp but if you come off the street instead of booking expect 2nd class treatment. Owners communication is average and don't be surprised if your belongings are moved from one fale to another while your out surfing. Erratic quality, unless of course your a pro and then you'll recieve brown nose treatment.

By E Coaster , 25-10-2006

OK surf - Samoa is OK. Caught a few good days at Boulders but if you are trekking across the big blue for the ultimate surf trip go somewhere else like Bali, Maldives.

By david , 17-09-2006

stink - samoa sux wat a waste of money

By usa#1 , 09-09-2006

dont go - good all you whingers that want to be pampered go to bali where they beg for money and you laugh. you pay city council for parking permits to access surf at home too whats the difference if some guy charges you the equivalent of a meat pie to go surf get real crie baby aussies

By maddogg from s.a. , 07-09-2006

i concur - yep not the greatest waves in samoa. got a few good days in july but not epic. coconuts is pretty ballsy, watch ur noggin! cheerz for the stitch up job mark the vet from nsw. its healed up a treat.
for flat day fun i recommend treking to lake lanoto, its awesome!!! yes u can do it in thongs!!! just watch ur back out there, apparently there is a reclusive tribe of fafa fene`s that live near the banks. chose ur tracks carefully or they may just claim u for their mud track gimpmaster!!!

By Anonymous , 07-09-2006

Correction again... - If the Samoans don't appreciate surf tourism, they can suck it! Hardly any of them surf, so what do they care? They only stand to profit from peopel coming to explore thier waves and culture. Sounds to me like they prefer a 'Deliverance' backwards style than a progressive and positive interaction with the international world. I will got to Samoa and surf, and if they give me any crap, I simply won't give them my cash. Of course, as you say, they will simply break into my car and things and steal anyway, in true backwater, savage style.... You gotta love these apologists for deadbeats. The recidivist Samoans are simply jealous they are stuck way out in the middle of nowhere while others are going otu and exploring the world and all its natural and adventurous wonders...

By Been there, done that! , 01-09-2006

Correction, used to be some of the friendliest - Leather you are partly right as Samoans used to be some of the friendliest most hospitable people. Although they may still be so on an individual basis, I think that the rise and promotion of tourism has had a noticeable effect on their attitude towards foreigners. I have been traveling to Samoa for a period of over 10 years, including visits that lasted up to 3 motnhs or so. I have noticed a change for the worst over this period of time. The rise of surf tourism has definitely had a negative impact and Samoans often view surfers as nothing more than an easy mark.

By Leather Potty , 30-08-2006

Sorry to be harsh, you couldn't be further from the truth. - Samoans are some of the friendliest, most welcoming and hospitable people I have had the pleasure of meeting. You are talking absolute crap.

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