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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Samoa Western

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By joe publics brah , 11-01-2007

Surf Cramps - Yeah its true u dont need to go to a surf camp in fact if you do you will be at their whims and they are pretty lazy and dont really make an effort to show you around and find the best waves. Somehow Samoa has become synonomous with surf camps like Salani, but dont buy it, they dont own the islands or the waves and you can find just as many waves without them and their high-cost, lack of initiative lockdown.

By Mils , 05-01-2007

Samoa is Tops - The surf in Samoa is outstanding, the scenery incredible and the people friendly. You will have a blast as long as you be adventurous, hire a 4wd(check insurance on hire vehicles as most insurance doesn't cover third party damage or property, Discovery was the only one that did at the time we were there and we needed it)and explore the island. This guarantees great surf with no-one else around but you and your mates... The surf camps may promote they have boats to reach the breaks but you are able to paddle to most of them yourself. You will find that most camps have plenty of hidden costs(extra payment for more than one trip to breaks etc.) and they are in disrepair (Maninoa is like a slum).

By to current mainoa? by , 14-12-2006

What evas - I was just in Western Samoa and got a few good days at boulders, and a few good days at this left I forgot the name. But watch out there is this really agro local bodyboader that gets pissed off for no reason. Just be careful and if you see him out with the other locals I suggest you go somewhere else he will probably want to fight. As for accommodation Maninoa was shocking. BE CAREFUL maybe go to Fiji.....

By fafa , 13-12-2006

Aganoa - I totally agree with the last message. Don't stay in surf camps, just hire a vehicle and explore for yourself. The aussie owner at Aganoa on Savaii for example was the most uncommunicative, stuck-up surf camp owner I've met. Just because he's married to a local doesn't mean he should be creating a nightmare as regards to local surf politics. Another surf camp owner just looking after his best interests.

By Joke Joke Resort , 08-12-2006

The Marketing Sneak... - Why is it that for the Western Samoa write-up on this page, the entire description centers around what 'the resort' can do for you? Why has wannasurf let them hijack the entire region and streamline it to the resort's marketing ends, totally ignoring the fact they are just one resort with their own agenda and opinion, while not giving 'the consumer' even an iota of 'go check it on your own' philosophy? It really irritates me, its the sign of our times, the takeover of entire destination concepts by so-called surf resorts and tour operators. And don't pay the cronies at Angoa on Savaii a dime for their gov't collusion 'school fund or no surf' invention. If that old goat really cared about helpin gout, he'd be more hospitable to international travelers who do not pre-book at his resort, and less of a brown-nose to 'industry insiders.' He plays King of Savaii and is now trying to implement new laws that hinder surf access on Samoa! His new law says, if you are a surfer (and surfer only), you gotta pay the school fund for every day you are on Savaii! Thsi rule does nto apply to non-surfers! Can't you see the harm in that? He's exploting surfers while running a surf resort at the same time! If I feel so inclined to give to the school or any Samoan in general, I don't need this Aussies gov't collusion imperial edicts to force the issue. Ignore the surf resorts and their illegal 'laws'! Give a Samoan a friendly nod or a little gift and they will ignore him too!!!!

By been there , 07-12-2006

yep true - yep some of the camps do need to upgrade their facilities big time. a 1st aid kit is a bloody good start!!! samoa is a great place and the people r pretty awesome to. hook up with a family for way less. they love having visitors and will look after you big time. hire a rav4 to get around, they take heaps of shit and you need 1to get to boulders which is a great spot. heaps of mossie`s to. surf tiavea if theres no waves on the south coast or its to windy overall its a cool spot but the se winds can blow harder than jenna jameson. go explore n u will score.

By , 06-12-2006

Reply to Andersons Message - If your in Samoa between Dec and Feb drop me a line as I can show you where to go . Don't stay in a resort just get a rental car and stay somewhere cheap in Apia ( like Seaside Inn ) .


By Anonymous , 06-12-2006

current maninoa? - I've heard a few good/few bad things about maninoa on here. I'm going for 9 days over new year, and i've booked into maninoa for the first three nights. I contacted an agency in Samoa and booked through samoa-hotels, not a Surf Tour Op. Its about 30 bucks a night with meals and surf transfers (they claim). It sounds like surf transfers are a bit of a myth. It sounds like i can get to boulders on my own if this is the case, but how about getting out to the other breaks like coconuts?
Can you paddle it? And how are the spots at boomerang creek? The accom looks cool and its supposedly chill and cheap.


By Anon , 03-12-2006

Cocobust - Ideally a surf reort/tour operator serves to ease one's access to good surf and do so in an accomodating manner, but as many of you are finding out, many of them are unreliable or downright suck... Nobody is making you hook up with a surf resort or tour operator. I think your trip would have been far better had you simply had not stayed with a surf tour operator. People sign up with 'em expecting a silver platter full of surf and true hospitality, then are dissapointed when these things are not delivered. Take more responsibility for your own trips and DIY, don't rely so much on the surf business to make or break your trip, for if the waves are breaking, you should not have to have a surf trip screwed up by a so-called surf resort! Me and a buddy bought tix to surf WS and Am Sam this January a long time ago. We will simply rent a car and stay at local,non-surfer hotels and fales. We don't need a surf tour operator to scuttle us around like babies or cattle. But too late for you this winter, tix are way too expensive now for New Years,or sold out... I reckon my buddy and me will find heaps of empty, tropical surf, sans Joe-Guide whatevahs!

By Anonymous , 30-11-2006

Coconuts- Si & vez - Don't let the negative comments on this board put you off. I agree some of the lower end surf camps like Maninoa need to invest in upgrading the facilities but Samoa over all is a truly awsome place both in,out & under the water. Coconuts is a nice place. Freindly locals, excellent spear fishing .Take your time to explore both the main islands. If your willing to drive & paddle a bit it isnt to hard to find a nice break all to yourself.

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