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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Samoa Western

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By Anonymous , 02-11-2008

Surfwidow - Hi can anyone tell me where you can get a good surf and just paddle out, rather than going by boat - need to satisfy hubby and sons thirst for surf...will be staying at Aggie Grey's Lagoon resort. also how far is it to drive around, doesn't look too far on the map I have
Thanks in advance

By nelson , 29-10-2008

Fun in samoa!!! - Hey guys my advice 4 all u peez headin 2 samoa is 2 stay on the south side of upulo at a place called Sina Pjs. the family u stay with r the nicest people i hav ever met and they hav nice beach huts 2 stay. surf is insanely good there. thy hav boat and short boatride 2 all the best waves in samoa. 5 mins from accomodation on boat is coconuts. So guys i highly recomend Sina PJs. Cheers from Nels

By Cyrillo , 14-09-2008

Never rent a car with Funway Rentals in Samoa - I have got a terrible experience with Funway Rental...they are a bit confused, there are a lot of problems on theirs cars and there many unbelievable rules. In my first car there were many cockroaches and I got a flat tyre and the jack wasn't a correct one to lift the, that company is like a nightmare. My advice: never rent a car at Funway Rentals!!!!
Samoa is very nice, good waves and good vibes!!!

Have a good one there!!!


By Anonymous , 13-06-2008

No bullshit - Im looking to head to Samoa around Feb next year. I have forgotten everything that was written in the past and ask for some current advice.
Is staying at Salani as bad as the hype suggests in previous posts? also what can i expect in the way of waves this time of year?
I dont have alot of time thanks to the machine of work so i will only be spending 8 or so days there.
Can someone, who has been there a few times or lives there enlighten me?

By Marcus , 29-03-2008

Any good comments on Upolu - Hi All, I am planning a trip to Samoa probably Upolu with my wife. She does not surf but I am an experienced surfer (Australia, Europe, Bali) I need to choose somewhere which offers a compromise. A nice hotel with pool, good facilities, good food etc but close to some good surf spots. I could hire a car but walking to surf spots would be good. Or a hotel which offers a surf guide and boat. (I am not interested in surf camps) Can anyone recommend anywhere. Also are there things to do other then surfing such as trips to markets, waterfalls, volcanoes, etc I need to keep the wife happy. Also What time of year is it least windy, good surf and not raining. If any of you guys out there can help with these questions I would really appreciate it as from what I have read in this forum so far Soma doesn’t sound that good and I am thinking of going somewhere else.

By Anonymous , 14-03-2008

one of the most under-rated places anywhere - Samoa is just awesome.

Waves are plenty, only 2 problems are the wind-its variable, and you really need a boat for some places. That is why its left off the radar.

But the place has world class, uncrowded waves. I saw some of the longest cleanest, barrels I have ever seen there. Just great, so glad I went-in February.

By scott , 12-03-2008

local sufers? - ok...seeing that there is alot of talk about locals in samoa and charting the breaks etc... thought I would set the record straight.... sure there are guys that went there in the 60s the 70s and what not. there is even an article in one of the early Surfers Journals of 2 guys who went there in the 70s with pictures and the whole shebang....surely the earliest documentation with write up and photos. but we are talking more recent history here: an aussie ex-pat, michael (mick) palmer, "discovered" "charted" whatevaz....many of the breaks now known the world over and even named many of them...Dragon's Breath..just being one of many. And dont try to say someone else named this spot! have been the world over and have lived nearly half a century and have only heard on person EVER call the spit out the barrel dragon's breath...He found them on his own, surfed them on his own. He also help set up the VERY FIRST recognized contest which was sponsored by pepsi and even the samoan government. I was on hand for that auspices event, surf school was done for all the kids; boards, boardies, rashies were handed out by the dozens. The guy who comments on every single persons' comment was probably even there...if he is old enough??!! This brings me to the question...if some expat was surfing Samoa before you were even born, who has the right of way? you? cause you were born there, or the guy who help set the whole thing up and made it easier for the younger generation? better respect your matter where they are from, you never know what they did to help your cause or make your life better

By Anonymous , 01-02-2008

You should go - If you dont go you will never know. And what about the surfer attitude! Hesitation will cause you some major headaches over the reefs in Samoa, so when you go, be committed. Big ups t the reply fro the Samoa Local to the idiot "inbred" raver. Samoa is a superb place, there is surf. Do not expect to step off the plane into a barrell, but seek and ye shall find.

By Anonymous , 23-01-2008

- Samoa Yes, Worldsurfaris Samoana Resort NO.....Surfer beware

By Anonymous , 23-01-2008

- Samoa yes, Samoana Resort & Worldsurfaris NO!....Surfer beware.

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