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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Samoa Western

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By kerry , 18-12-2002

should have been there yesterday. - if you haven't worked out by now that it's a lucky dip when it comes to surf trips,i'm afraid you probably never well.sure you can go in the "on time of the yaer"sure you can get all the info of the spot,but at the end of the day it's up to one person.And he doesn't give a fuck how long it took you to save for it.I,ve been on many a surf trip.some sick ones some just fucken good.I've never blaimed the place for the lack of surf.I have loved every one for showing me that life isn't all about my 7-3.30pm job,or how big my t.v screen is,or what sort of car i'm supose to driving.Come on guys,surfings a feeling.sitting in a place you've never been.surfing waves that some will never surf.NOTHING BETTER THAN THAT.the pic's of coconuts are mine.i was there for two weeks and got it fucken good.more pic's to come if they got through.but if i didn't get it that good,if i only got it half as good,well, just remember why we surf.In this crazy world a moments peace is everything.

By anonymous , 02-12-2002

Too Funny - I just had the biggest laugh reading about the people running Salani. I was just there and had an awesome trip, got sick waves and way too much fun causing havock! One thing I agree with is that George is most defintely a gay midget!! Please remember though, that the crew that are taking all of the money from the locals there are Seppoes, not Aussies!

By anonymous , 21-11-2002

Fickle - I was there a couple year ago and have to agree with Marty. My friend and I stayed at a surf camp and did catch some good waves, but it's very fickle - the tide, swell and wind all have to agree for the surf to get good. A difference in .5 meter tide can kill a spot and the trades can howl all day. In truth it was a terrific trip because of the samoans, but be careful about expecting surfing perfection. I'd actually like to go back, but there are other surf destinations I'll go to first.

By Marty , 18-11-2002

Uncrowded For A Reason - Spent a couple of weeks on Savaii in June 2001(the supposed best time for South facing breaks) but failed to score anything resembling "Tropical Perfection". The locals are terrific people and the island has many natural attractions but I would rate it more of a place to take your girl with the off chance of some surf rather than a perfect wave haven. We were all well travelled enough to realise that nowhere is a certainty for waves but even on a few days when the swell was up with offshores, the place didn't deliver. It was always a case of wrong swell direction, too small, too big etc. Aganoa is great if you like pulling into close out barrels. That wears a bit thin after a while though. The left at Sallalua looks unreal in photos but in real life was real sectiony and pretty unmakeable. Obviously the waves here crank SOMETIMES but not that often from what we could see. The place we stayed had a guestbook and it was interesting to see that the same comments were repeated over and over. That is: "great place, lovely people but would have been better if the waves were going off. When we left we all agreed, nice place BUT IT AINT INDO!.............. If you're into fishing, you're gunna score...

By anonymous , 11-11-2002

Salani - You dont mean George the yank ?

By le pua'a , 07-11-2002

the best part - The best thing going in Samoa are the people not the surf. South exposed spots generally come with south wind. During the Austral winter all south coast spots (except boulders) are blown out, the trades can blow day and night. With slack wind you can find a good reef but slack wind is the exception most certainly not the norm. Boulders can be a shitfight...but really fun too. Salani is run by a gay midget----seppo wanker.

By , 29-10-2002

all about the $$$ these days - thats so true and if i ever go there i'll do that.

By Roots , 28-10-2002

Fuck SALANI - The tour operators on Samoa are taking all the money away from the local people!!! Don't get suckered into their bullshit ploy, you can surf all the breaks without a boat and I'll tell you how. VISIT THE LOCAL VILLAGES. I know, for some introverted personalities this brings the warning bells, but the breaks are mostly accessed by walking through someones front yard. You will be required to pay an access fee but it will be much less than the outrageous price of these resorts. The locals are friendly and will want to communicate so take some time to satisfy their curiousity. Give money to the local economy, not some Australian buisnessman keen on taking the lions share and letting crumbs trickle down to the local villagers by giving them subserviant dead end janitorial positions cleaning their rooms and serving the meals. Am I the only one sick of seeing local island cultures ruined by non-surfer buisness minded "investors"?

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