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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Samoa Western

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By brad & family , 26-03-2003

family holiday with surf ? - ive read alot of info on samoa about surfing & people saying how friendly the place is , sounds great.
ive travelled a lot when i was younger & surfed around the world . this time its the misses.& 2 gromes
1super keen & pretty good eski lid ridder & dad who can moddestly hold his surf camps for this
crew . just hire a car have a map ( with breaks marked) &go for it.2 weeks hoping to find it & paddle
out .any postive tips on wether you would paddle out at certain to breaks or not would be handy to
ponder on . leaving 9th april will fill you in when i grt back


By squatty , 11-03-2003

Surfing Samoa - My advice to Adrian: In preparing for your trip to paradise I would suggest you push yourself hard at your local breaks leading up to your trip. Surf in all conditions and different spots. Try surfing some new spots that you've never surfed at before because that is what you'll be doing on your trip. Good luck and I wish I was going!

By anonymous , 11-02-2003

to salani rocks - Hi Sean!

By , 10-02-2003

experience necessary? - Hey,
I am planning a surf trip in June. I have surfed the last five years and would say I am intermediate level. Am I over my head in Samoa. Mostly surfed Sydney and east coast no reef breaks except Margaret river few years ago. Any suggestions on places. Happy with 4-6ft waves and likely won't pull into a 10ft wave.

By Peter , 26-01-2003

Where to stay for cheap - I was planning on visiting Samoa for a couple weeks during July-August and will be traveling solo. I'm looking for any info on cheap places($10-$20 per/night) or if anyone has had any luck staying with the locals. I was hoping to get the Samoan experience without coughing up a couple grand to the "resorts". I've done this at other places in the S.Pacific but wonder if anyone has any info on where to stay, how long the paddles are, how bad the currents can be, etc.
Thanks for any help

By anonymous , 22-01-2003

Salani Rocks - As far as activities for non surfers goes there's plenty to do at Salani. It's so hot over there all you want ot do is be in the water anyway and there's an awesome waterway right there that you can swim in or just float around in the sun. You can take a canoe upstream for miles if you want or you can walk into town and mix it up with the locals. The people there are so cool and as for that last messager saying it's not pituresque, what are you talking about? It's such a beautiful place! If you can't find stuff to do in a place like this then maybe it's time you got yourself at least a bodyboard and start getting out there!

By The Lauliian Warrior , 13-01-2003

Salani is a bit out of the way - Not much action there and its hardly picturesque. Samoana looks more hospitable and inviting for the ladies.

Depends what your looking for. If local natural attractions like waterfalls and visiting local villages suits then book it. Its a bit of a hike from Apia where there are some shops that may interest you and bars, nightclubs etc.

By Jennifer , 11-01-2003

help, a bit of non-surfing advice please - I am the non-surfing girlfriend of an ultra-keen surfer. He wants to take me with him on a 10 day surfing trip in June and we are just negotiating destinations. At the moment Salani Surf Resort looks like the goer. Just wondering if anyone has any advice as to what there is for non-surfers to do while staying at Salani. If there's not a whole lot, do you know of any other surf destinations that might keep both him and me happily occupied for 10 days?

By Lauliian Warrior , 18-12-2002

Kerry Coconuts is inconsistent - I know this for a fact as I lived in Samoa. When its on its pretty good though.

You are pretty right in the rest of your message about surf tours in general.

Good call

By kerry , 18-12-2002

should have been there yesterday. - if you haven't worked out by now that it's a lucky dip when it comes to surf trips,i'm afraid you probably never well.sure you can go in the "on time of the yaer"sure you can get all the info of the spot,but at the end of the day it's up to one person.And he doesn't give a fuck how long it took you to save for it.I,ve been on many a surf trip.some sick ones some just fucken good.I've never blaimed the place for the lack of surf.I have loved every one for showing me that life isn't all about my 7-3.30pm job,or how big my t.v screen is,or what sort of car i'm supose to driving.Come on guys,surfings a feeling.sitting in a place you've never been.surfing waves that some will never surf.NOTHING BETTER THAN THAT.the pic's of coconuts are mine.i was there for two weeks and got it fucken good.more pic's to come if they got through.but if i didn't get it that good,if i only got it half as good,well, just remember why we surf.In this crazy world a moments peace is everything.

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