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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Samoa Western

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By Choi , 21-06-2003

OAM is ignorant - Boulder's being the only quality wave? Open your eyes son, get off your ass and do your homework. Solosolo, Tiavea, Coconuts, Salani, and Nu'usafe can all put up mechanical waves. There's plenty others too, but your bent ass is gonna have to find em. Boulders can get sick, but the specific swell direction from the SE is actually pretty rare for a perfect session. Nobody ever bothers to mention that the South shore will basically stay head high and glassy or offshore during the entire summer. I agree with you on one thing- fuck the resorts, find em yourself! You will be rewarded if you put in your homework.
Before you go incorrectly using the word "truism" again, look up the words "self evident" and quit disrespecting the waves in Samoa. The locals are fantastic and could benefit greatly from a locally created infrastructure which transports people into Samoa's frequently fantastic surf.

By Bean , 18-06-2003

Can go off - I have spent a good amount of time surfing samoa. Samoa does seem fickle to me as well, although I have experienced completely excellent, long barrel rides at the island off the south shore, Boulder's, and yes, the left at Salani. Most of the time during the big swell season the wind really seems to screw everything up, and in the off season, when the winds are good, there's not really enough swell to make the premier breaks go. If you stay there a week, definitely don't count on epic surf. If things align correctly though you will be blessed!

By anonymous , 17-06-2003

fickle - I stayed on the southern shore of Upolu for 5 weeks during may and early june. There wasn't a single day that I would have called epic! We had 2 pretty good days at Coconuts and 2 slightly above average days at Boulders. Everything else was very average at around head height and onshore. Early morning and dusk is your only chance of avoiding the trades. Coconuts needs to have a perfect swell, (very rare), to stop it from sectioning and when Boulders is on it can get very crowded. One day we were out it was around 4-5' and there were 20 people out. All the other waves are very short and sectioning. You are lucky to get more than 3 moves on a wave.
I'm not sure what that dude was smoking who said there were "very, very good waves" because I was there at the same time and staying at the same camp, (Maninoa) as him and unless he was heading out for the midnight waves then forget it.
On the good side, Maninoa Surf Camp rules. Cheap, lots of food and a wicked surf guide, an Australian named Tim.

By OAM , 09-06-2003

Sal will lie to get your money - How could those previous posts be from anyone other than employees at salani. The left there is no where near the quality lefts in Fiji or the Mentawai's. Hawaii 10 years ago? I heard that one in Surfer mag when these sellouts first started the ad campaign. No way does Samoa get the clean groundswells needed for Hawaiian style perfection TRUEISMS: 1.There are quality, mostly short ledging waves in Samoa. 2.Boulders is the highest quality break. 3.Moderate and above tradewinds make all (quality) breaks unsurfable. If you want to get a handle on what's true and not just rent a video with some boulders footage, as this will be your favorite wave there. Maybe if you're a regular coco's will be but boulders still has better form. Oh, and longboards don't fit into the waves here. Think suckout airdrops + shortboarders + shallow = longboarders sitting in channel. MAKE SURE not to stay at salani. The locals are getting fed up with this resort, and there are better, cheaper places to stay that generate income for the locals.

By , 04-06-2003

Cheap Stay - I have come back from Samoa just last week. it was pretty good most of the time, but you do have to get into it quite early because of the trades. still i got some really really good waves most of the time i was there, (14 out of about 18 days). Stay at Maninoa surf camp. the best place to stay by far. paddle access to about 4-5 reefs, and boat transfers to a few others. cheap with two massive meals included a day.

By true , 31-05-2003

Great Waves - I stayed at Salani for 2 weeks during their winter and got blown out for the first week. The second week, however, i experienced the best waves that I had ever seen in my life, particularly at the left. Better than Fiji, as good as the Ments but heavier. No bullshit, 6 second dry barrels everywhere. Closeouts? Definitely not. Very heavy perfection? definitely.

By xlsurf , 28-05-2003

a great time - I stayed at salani camp two years ago and it still is very fresh in my memory . There were a couple of guys complaining at the camp about the down time but for me being from the northeast coast of the US , i couldnt relate
The place relise on certain tides but
when you score its magical . I surf boulders 6-8 and 5 ft salani rights . 6 out of 7 days . bring a thicker board to get in early .lots of h20 moving on the big days .Its hawaii a hundred years ago

By , 04-05-2003

i need all the info i can get - Hey people.... My friend and I want to come to samoa and surf but after reading all these message I'm kinda in limbo about it. Our trip would be in sept of this year, if anyone can give me any info on the surf or just some advice on this it would help out a lot. e-mail me back with any info

By seppo , 25-04-2003

to be fair - it does GO OFF!!! when its on but with all the camps and idiots that go to them around your better off in Tahiti

By seppo , 25-04-2003

Wake up - I lived in Samoa for 2 years and surfed all over both islands. DONT BELIVE THE HYPE. The place cannot handle 3 surf camps. The waves are blown out 75% of the time and most places are very tidal 1 or 2 hour session max. Boulders is not offshore on the trade its "crossoff" and it only breaks at low cause of the cliffs, and because its protected from the wind its also protected from the swell so it needs a fair bit of swell to break. So hit those surf camps with that next time they try to suck 200 bucks a day out of you for a trip to samoa. And a boat doesnt help. All that being said Samoa is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its people are amazing. If you do go, do your self a favor and stay with the locals its way better than hanging with a bunch of clowns in a surf camp.(crying cause there not getting surf) If you wanna hang out with a bunch of westerners why bother leaving home. TAHITI BLOWS SAMOA AWAY BY FAR!!!!!!!!!

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