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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Samoa Western

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By anonymous , 04-09-2003

Salani's good and easy - Some one has a serious problem. Salani was unreal everyday I stayed there. Good surf great times. Check it out, luck may be with you.

Whoever that wanker is that goes on about the STI, why don't you go do some volunteer work in Samoa and put your time to good use. Constructive buddy.

Go in February-March, not as big but clean and hollow.

By Just been , 31-08-2003

Great times, ok waves - Hi all, I went as an independent surfer to explore the south coasts of Upolo and Savaii in the last two weeks. I stayed at Maninoa - useful to a couple of local waves, but was difficult to organise boat trips to further away waves. The manager of the place (it used to be a great surf camp)had been put in jail and there was some confusing situation with an supposedly dodgy Australian Christian surfer who had set up the place. Got some ok waves anyway; not as many as I would've liked though due to access difficulties (we were not allowed by Salani village to surf the waves there..). Plenty of swell around, dropped in the last day or so to 1 foot. Best waves were usually at the Island due to the trades.

Then to Savaii for Aganoa and Satuiatea. Both wonderful serene places. The village people at the latter are gracious and generous (give it in return). Heaps of things to do on the Big Island other than surf. We got some nice waves at the point for a solid week. Biggest was 4-5 ft, smallest around 2ft. Only surf there at high tide though, and is better with an incoming tide.

I loved my adventures in Samoa. The people are friendly and helpful, the culture is strong and open, and the travelling is cheap and easy. I guess it comes down to prioities. If you've only got a week, only want to surf and have money to burn, then Salani and Samoana might be your style. I wanted a holiday where I could eat traditional food, meet locals, and have some independence and freedom.

By Tom , 19-08-2003

NO, IT WAS A BAD, SAD JOKE... - And an extension of the guy who wrote 'Get off your computers and get in the water' below.

By CP , 19-08-2003

Tom's bomb - Hey Tom, is that last post for real? So you're saying if we live in the US we "deserve" to be under the constant threat of terrorism? Please help me, I want to know the way of the Surf Tour Operator, the true way to righteousness.

By Tom , 19-08-2003

Ask Yourself: Do you deserve it? - We at Salani's Surf Camp feel like we deserve our set-up here on this beautiful island. As for the rest of you- only you can answer that question for yourselves. We are safe from terrorism here, so all those who do not deserve Salani Surf Camp deserve to suffer from terrorism. It's all a matter of what you deserve it life, and we, white folks from the Westernized world, deserve the priveledged life we have here at Salani's Surf Camp.

By It's over , 19-08-2003

Samoa world - Good job waterways, you sucessfully pushed all the criticism in the background, now only positive comments are shown here! Yea, Samoa is really coming along, more and more non-natives are getting set up there, leasing land, and all those lazy Samoans are seeing what us Americans can do! I can't wait till I can go there and not have to see any natives, except maybe cleaning up my room after a long night of sheet sweating. Costa Rica eat your heart out! Glad to hear all the "backup" has helped get your rusty bones out there! Screw the training, all you need is a credit card and some late 20's drifter waiting in the boat to save your ass. Get with the times, it's not about the adventure these days, since you only have a week you gotta take all you can get, and who better to empower you than some other white person who has paved the way. Really happy that surfing is on the forefront of development in these near pristine islands. I'm tired of all the empty beaches and naive natives, we gotta get this place up to the pace.

By Ben Levin , 19-08-2003

Amen to that - I stayed at Salani for 2 weeks in July 2001. I got blown out surf for the first week, followed by absolutely amazing waves the next week. Jon was managing then, and he was really cool, as were the boatmen, Drew, Johnny, Brad, and Fernando. Even when the surf was blown to shit they showed me a great time, and I got to see alot of great sights and culture. When it did start to crank (which is some pretty powerful shit) all of the guys helped my rusty self through the lineup. By the time I left, I'd seriously caught the best waves of my life, and I've caught it good at frigates in Fiji and Gold Coast in Australia. Furthermore, the guys were cool when some dudes from Samoana showed up. It was one of the best travel experiences that I've ever had. I agree with Jon; the only place in the world that you're guaranteed waves is a wave tank, and part of traveling is the risk and the learning about new cultures. He's a good guy, and people shouldn't disparage Salani.

By anonymous , 18-08-2003

Had a great time. - Got back from Salani's and had a great time. Waves were a bit lumpy at first but really fun. Than the last three days of our trip we had perfect surf, There was even a non salani surfer that paddled out everyday and all the boatmen and manager were cool about that, really nice guy from oz.

By Jon Long ex manager Salani Surf Resort and now best job in the world self employed watersports cente , 17-08-2003

Get off your computers and get in the water - It seems to me that there is a lot of things going on in cyberspace and not much surfing because you guys sound like a bunch of people who have not been in the water enough lately or in there lives. My advice is to get back in the water and learn a little more about life and surfing. If you have ever lived in Samoa for a while you understand it is different and these people that have surf resorts will not do anything spectacular becuase there are many factors that do not line up for these people to do all the things that you people say. When myself and George Danellis ran Salani we did not want exclusive but you know what the village offered it to us and we said NO because we do not feel it is appropriate for Samoa. It is very complicated and will in my opinion never happen anywhere in Samoa. Samoa only shines for those who deserve it and all the people who come here and have been here should look at themselves and see if they deserve it or did not deserve it. Life is bigger than what we have on vacation, we being sufers. Samoa is more than waves and vacation it is a way of life cheesy but true. The surf is not good every day but when you live here you have other things to do such as spend time with family, create oportunities of work for locals and yourself, and if your lucky remember what a beautiful place it is and how special we are to be here while all you people are in terorists threat. Again look at yourself and see if you deserve to come here as I and every one else who lives here does. After not surfing for a while and it jumps to 8 foot ask the question- Can you handle it?

By anonymous , 12-08-2003

Salani - I am going to Salani in the next month and will be interested to talk to locals and see how they feel about the STI in their land. My friend is also a boatman there so we will see what he has to say too. Yes, if I could, I would not use a resort. I have been to Indo, mainland Mex, baja, etc. and done it adventure style with no plans but to show up and see what happens. But I only have 1 week, and I want all amenities right in one place. If there is waves I want to surf all day and have a boat take me right to it. All these people are talking about wealthy this and that. I am not rich, and have planned this trip on a two week notice. Try and find airfare under $1800 US from LAX to Apia right now. I couldn't. For $1800 you get everything at Salani including airfare.

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