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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Samoa Western

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By Anonymous kiwi , 01-11-2003

samoana surf resort - 5 of us stayed at samoana in early september and had a great time. Surfed the Island, and salumumu.Excellent tropical waves, heavy duty. Top Resort, fun staff and guests were all pleasant. food was excellent and recommend this resort. Samoa is a great place. Locals are warm and friendly and the island of Upolo is beautiful Super laid back. Im going back next year.

By Chuan , 30-10-2003

Board advice - A really thick board around six and a half feet. Plan on breaking at least one if it's on.

By boards , 23-10-2003

Boards - take at least 3 boards . nothing smaller then a 6.3' and anything up to 6.8' and if you got the Balls for big waves go bigger

By , 22-10-2003

What sort of equipment do you recomend? - Im headed to the Salani area around April. What size boards and how may would you recommend?
In australia I ride a 6"4 in anything up to say 6-8ft?
I hear its a good idea to take a few boards???

By Pig Fart , 17-10-2003

Somoa - Man.....I 've been here. Dangerous is all hell! Nevermind the sharks and the bacteria and virus' in the jungle. It's the fat ass bi-sexual men who you need to be aware of. The problem is that their woman are just so ugly on these islands that the men have nothing to do but to dress up in women's clothing, paint their fingernails green and purple, put on their wive's red lip stick and high heels and sit on the beach eating bananas and eating wild pig waiting for the Chinese sailors to roll into port. The transexual Somoan surfers are the worst as they try to run their long boards right up the visitors behind and then drag them into their straw huts and then who knows what they do in there?

By Trout Boy , 17-10-2003

easy big fella! - I know sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but I guess it's still above some people, eh? Was just highlighting how surfer friendly Samoa is.

By Someone in the know about Samoa , 16-10-2003

Ignorance! - Trout Boy displays his extreme ignorance of Samoa. There are no dangerous aninals nor is there any malaria in Samoa and the locals are anything but seedy. They are very friendly and hospitable people. So please Trout Boy take your opinions and shove them back up your arse from whence they came!

By trout boy , 15-10-2003

reality check - how funny are all these "searchers" that are writing off the surf camp crowd. last time i checked you got off a plane or boat in Samoa and could then drive to just about any break within 2 hours. sure there might be a bit of a paddle to some breaks, but nothing in the epic adventure category. maybe it's dealing with all the seedy locals or the myriad of dangerous wildlife out there in the malaria infested jungle that has got them excited. straight to the hall of mirrors for these guys. get out there and surf.

By eff , 14-10-2003

Make up your own mind - And I thought this was where you read about the waves.... I stayed at Salani earlier this year and had a great old time. Certainly didn't have the aggro experience that some are portraying here - maybe Salani have wised up and are keeping it cloak and dagger, eh? Plenty of independent surfers getting out there no dramas. Best part was the people though, other travellers like me who just wanted to surf (even though we're all apparently kooks and yuppies???). For anyone reading about the waves - luck is the key. Heavy perfection when it's on but disappointingly shit for days on end when it's not. It's not Indo, but that's not always a bad thing. So the anti-resort lobby can start their barrage now. Opinions are like arse holes - everyone has got one and they all stink.

By anonymous , 06-09-2003

Obviously another Salani suck-up! - The last message was obviously from another fool that has been taken in by Salani's BS. You should off and die. Surfers who stay at Salani's are nothing but a bunch of and/or s!

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