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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Samoa Western

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By anonymous , 04-03-2004

no title - Yes it is possible to surf there but a bit more difficult to access some of the breaks.

By , 01-03-2004

MC - Cheers for the reply - cheers buddy concerning the Line Up Surf name change, I am seriously considering doing this trip on my lonesome without the help of a surf tour, i was wondering if you or anyone else who reads this msg, has surfed on the North side of Savaii, i don't need locations but was just wondering if it is possible to surf there...thanks

By Mc , 01-03-2004

Maninoa is "Line Up Surf Camp" - They just changed their name recently.

By Mc , 01-03-2004

SAVE SAMOA FROM THE SURF CAMPS!!! - All those surf camps are a joke. People staying there pay so much to surf, and if you go on your own you don't have to deal with the crowd that the surf camp brings. Often I saw two vans each filled completely with barney's and boards, this is on both islands. It is very easy to do it on your own. Take the bus, stay in a fale, and hitchhike around to get a feel for the waves before surfing. Most all spots I surfed alone, and most importantly check the tide. Mostly all spots need a high, or medium-high tide. Despite what I'm reading on this site, Maninoa surf camp is a joke, the people I stayed there with got sick from the food, and it is very over priced compared to many other fales on the islands. PLEASE DON'T GO TO ANY OF THE SURFCAMPS--the money they recieve only feuls the fire; people see they are making money and want a piece of the pie, many surf camps have appeared just recently, within the last year. DO IT ON YOUR OWN--IT IS POSSIBLE!!!! Very possible, and you'll save loads and loads of money. All breaks are within paddling distance, 1/2 hour max paddle, 10 min average, so do some push-ups before coming to Samoa and you'll be fine. There are many more breaks besides "Boulders" and "Coconuts", many are off the beaten path, but that is half the fun, right? FOR THE SAKE OF THE ISLANDS AND THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE, PLEASE DON'T GO TO ANY SURF CAMPS!!!!!!!!!

By , 24-01-2004

Sharky Samoa? - What's the go with sharks in Samoa? I'm heading over for a month in April. Sounds like there are lots of sightings. I'm from Vicco in Oz, so I'm familiar with whites. Are there many attacks in Samoa, and what kind of sharks are there? Thanks.

By anonymous , 16-01-2004

Maninoa for sale! - Apparently the surf camp at Maninoa is up for sale. Guess that might make for a fluid situation and explain your recent bad experience there. But you're right, you'll have a better time in Savai'i away from all the goons, geezers, snakes, posers, kooks, and general losers who stay at Salani and Samoana.

By anonymous , 16-01-2004

Maninoa - When we stayed there in August 2003, there was no surf guide called Tim. We had to do all the hard work organising boat rides, sussing out the breaks and watching Samoana/Salani guests ripping it up with absolutely no stress involved.

Our Maninoa accomodation was a bit dodgy: the water kept dying out, the bathrooms were flooded and blocked, and the poor lady cooking food was 8mths pregnant and obviously shattered.

Perhaps its changed now though. I recommend zipping over to Savaii as fast as you can. There's some great places to stay there, cheaper and cleaner than Maninoa with top waves and people.

By , 30-12-2003

Line - Up Surf Resort - Samoa - Hey i was reading through my lonely planet on the Samoan Islands, and it mentions the Line Up Surf resort, it says you can stay there for ST 70 per day per surfer and includes accomodation, food and surf transport? thats heaps cheap yeah? does anyone knwo if this is true, or better yet has anyone stayed there and can tell me what its like? muchose gracies

By , 20-12-2003

Been there...will go back. - Talofa.I just spent a few days over there (mid to end november)and here's my comment.
If you need a cheap(70 talas/day) and cool place to stay go to Maninoa surf camp, in Maninoa of course.It's a family owned camp, cool people, safe place (like most of the places in Upolu)and awesome surroundings.Tim , Aussie surf guide lives there and got a good knowledge of the south coast of Upolu.Plus you get a good feed twice a day and the boat rides are cheap.If you need to go to Nuusafe island, ask for Johnny next door (Sinalei reef resort), he's got a great boat and the ride is usually around 90 talas, worth it considering the distance.
Rental car is a good option, for 100 talas /day, sometimes cheaper when you get a deal.Choose a four wheel drive to go to Tiavea (samll fee to park the car there), the road is not too bad but you might need the extra drive after the rain .Tiavea is easy to find and is a beautiful place, sheltered from the south east trades.
Otherwise, when it's flat on the south coast, and believe me it happens, try "Plum pudding" on the north coast, easy to find just before Solosolo, with a small headland at the exit of a village.

Regarding tour operators, I didn't want to go with any of them, but if I had to advise one of them , I would go for the Samoana stuff.The reason being that, we turned up at Salani to check the spot and everyone was watching surf dvd's, and when we turned up at Tiavea later on, Samoana had been surfing all day long.So that's what i base my judgement on, they apparently take you out everyday and chase for the waves.Apart from that , no comment to make about the food or the luxury fales or the facilities for the girlfriends,first because I don't give a fuck about that, i didn't try it and finally, my opinion being that you don't go to surf with your girlfriend in your luggage, cos she'll be a pain for every single surfer, especially when they've been travelling for 6 months on their own.Anyway , life is tough, Samoa is cool but nothing like Indo surfwise.Quite shallow, so be prepared before you go, otherwise you'll miss a lot of action like myself.I'll finish by saying that Boulder's is a must go.Only got it 4 ft , but it's the hell of a place.
I'll finish it by saying that Samoa is rather well preserved and Samoans are taking care of their island.good on them and keep it this way guys.
May the swell be with all of youz, and merry xmas.
Feel free to ask for some more comments on my e mail.

By , 27-11-2003

To samoa with concern... - It is so good to see all the comments on this site urging people not to pay the tour operators, but instead give access money and freindliness to the local vilagers. The comercialisation of the world only exist because demands make it exist. If true surfers (sensitive to the ecological, cultural context)refuses to pay tour operators to surf and alternatively give the locals sufficent funds for access to the surf (by boat or by land)then the commercialisation may be hindered. Samoa as a lost paradise can still be saved and it is not enough to claim that "it is no idea, what can I do, does it matter?". Let us refuse the commercial world to get its hands on this paradise island and work together woth the locals to save it. Eat their food, go with them on tours, listen to their stories over dinner and not a tour operator or for that reason a football or cricket commentator. It is obviously eaiser to go with the flow and accept whatever is offered and marketed to us, but if you do so, well then you haven't even tried to make a difference, you have only taken for granted that it does not work. Let us surfers that come from rich countries give the decision making power to the inhabitants of the islands and not to money-striving tour operators.

Thank you!

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