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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Samoa Western

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By Clarky , 13-09-2004

My views from Samoa - I had a fucking great time in Samoa. I stayed at Salani with a couple of mates and we surfed the front breaks there almost every day (execpt for the occasional trip to Boulders when it was too big out the front). The surf ranged from 2 foot to double overhead (on the first and biggest day). In the first week I lost count of the times we scored perfect waves. The surf was heavy and all I can suggest is get fit and take your balls with you) The second week wasn't as good (would have been hard to match the first) but there are heaps of other things to do over there and if you do stay at Salani when the surf is shit the guides will take you out doing that stuff.

Yes, you could do Samoa on the cheap. We even had one of the locals offer to put us up at his place. It would have been a lot cheaper than the resort. Which, by the way was run by a Seppo fuckwit named Jeff who all of the villagers and most of the guests hated. But from what I hear he is/was on the way out of there anyway. Good riddance.

Anyways, cant give enough raps to Samoa. We all had the best time and there was nothing to be disapointed about. Food, accom, guides and other activities were spot on. JUST WATCH OUT FOR THE FAFA'S (just kidding)

PS would be a great place to take a girlfried if they are willing to watch you surf!

By anonymous , 12-09-2004

Clarky - How Was Samoa in April? - Let us know how it was. Details please?

By Nick , 12-09-2004

I'm Going to Samoa in March 2005 - What can I expect staying at the Salani Surf Resort? I've been surfing since 1997 and surf at least 200+ times a year.

By anonymous , 09-07-2004

Amen to that Anonymous - Same experience on Savaii, if your going definately do the trip by yourself. No one is in the water - except if the Savaii mob rock up and then its instant 12-14 people crowd.

If so just move to the next peak and your set.

If you have only 1 week just pay the cash and go to Salani. But for 2 weeks or more do it by yourself and do it on Savaii.

By anonymous , 19-05-2004

Savaii, potential but do it on your own! - Hi,i am not an experienced surf traveller but have been to samoa two times. the first was a week in salani which was costly but good waves and times were had by all.The second trip was for two weeks to savaii surfarii's in which the people were friendly and the waves ok, although cheaper than salani the setup was not as secure or comfortable.The waves out front did not get over 2 foot the whole time so we were faced with a hour drive to the west side where the waves were good but not great.I know this is what can happen on surf missions but when paying the big bucks you expect more.What i'm trying to say is if you are going to surf savaii do it on your own avoid the camp.We surfed at around 8 spots with only 3 of these requiring boat access you could eat ,sleep and drink for probably one third of the price with fale's and villages out the front of most breaks.If u do choose to stay at savaii surfarii's keep an eye on your belongings and do not leave your passports or wallets in the camp safe, because it aint safe. also keep a log of your food and bar tab because it may grossly inflate. ps. prey for south swell!

By will , 09-05-2004

MC - MC, do you have an email address? Thanks

By ET , 04-04-2004

Look at it this way - Look at it this way, for the amount of coin you'll drop to stay at Salani for a week, you could live in Samoa in a much more modest style for 30 days (the max allowed without special permission) traveling and surfing both Savai'i and Upolu, getting good waves with the added satisfaction of getting to know the Samoan people on their level, and still come out of the deal with some leftover change! But if all you have is a week and you got the bucks, then go for it, stay at Salani or Samoana and hope for the best.

By Clarky , 04-04-2004

It all depends on which side of the fence you sit - Lots of angry little men in cyber space these days. Shit guys its fairly simple. As I see it, there are 2 ways to do Samoa.

1. Pay a shit load and have no worries about getting around, surfing, access, food, rabid mongrel dogs, offending locals, ect. Correct me if Im wrong but I would assume that most of the working class surfers would take this route.

2. Pay fuck all and use your instincts and experience (as most of you are experienced shoe-string travelers already) to negotiate the stuff I mentioned above. Most of your soul-surfers and traveling hippie types would be onto this.

Regardless of the route you choose there is still the chance of having a shit time or a great time. Such is life.

Anyways, Im heading over tomorrow (no shit!) and am looking forward to a great holiday and catching some shacks with my mates. I'll let you know how I went.

By Wavehungry , 03-04-2004

Whats the deal? - So whats the deal, half of you say the resorts are worth the money, and the other half say to just wing it around the island you'll be better off? So here's the Question; For a hard core surfer who knows a bite about the local breaks and want's to maximize surfing time at the best spots, is it possible to stay outside a resort and arrange this. Can one hire cheap Pangas, longboats, or fishermen for rides to breaks? Are certain breaks exclusive access to resorts like the taverua dinasty in Fiji? And has anyone done any fishing there?

By ET , 03-04-2004

It's sad! - It's kinda sad how these blowhards go on and on about how great Salani is when they don't have the faintest clue about the place and its history. Don't they know that surfers with the "right stuff" were visiting Samoa long before any of these capitalist pig resort owners got their greedy hooks into the place? Who the hell do you think discovered Samoa as a surf destination to begin with? Traveling surfers with a sense of adventure doing it on their own, that's who. They didn't need someone to hold their hands and take care of them like a bunch of spoiled brats! And just why do you think all those kooks and wankers now come to Samoa, eh? Besides all the kooks, wankers, snakes, geezers, lame tourists, monkey spankers and general vermin the resorts bring in, could it have just a little bit to do with all the incessant and misleading advertising the resorts do? So if Samoa has suffered and is no longer the pristine surf destination it once was you can thank the resorts and their capitalist pig owners for that particular tragedy!

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