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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Samoa Western

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By anonymous , 04-01-2005

Here I come - 2 more months and I am in that barrel. God I can't wait. March 8th-22nd Anyone else going that time?

By Clarky , 03-01-2005

Reply to Aloha, Jack W. Sedivec - Jeff at is HATED by the local villagers at Salani! I spoke to several of them and they told me first hand. Maybe you should go up to the village and have a chat to them. Of course they get along with him. If they don't they have no job and no income. He is an arrogant prick and the villagers show this by throwing rocks at him when he drives around. I know because it happened while myself and 3 mates were in the Salani van with him. I hope he has left as he was doing the owners of the surf camp no favours while he was there.

By Mc , 26-11-2004

Vaitape is awesome - whatever you guys do, just respect the locals and treat them super nice, and everything will be cool...keep samoa a great to visit by paying respect and honor to the samoans...and forget about salani, do it alone!!!

By Hayden , 25-11-2004

Fellow travelling sole surfers - Sounds like Samoa is a quality location with no shortage of waves or cultural experiences. After travelling to locations such as Fiji and Indonesia, i do however recognise the value of getting away from the Western owned resorts and tasting the local life. In February i plan to depart solo for a month to this lush land. To other fellow sole surfers out who have partaken in a similar journey, could you fill me in with any guidance and advice. Cheers

By anonymous , 19-11-2004

When to go? - I'm going to Salani March 8th-22nd is that a good time to go?

By Aloha, Jack W. Sedivec , 18-11-2004

Salani is family - I have been to Salani four times and will be back again this January, I can't say enough good things about the place, great wave right out front, great food, friendly staff, considerate boatmen. Shaun Murphy over the five years that I have been going, has always shown the utmost respect for the local culture. The resort provides jobs at a fair local wage that would not exist without Salani. Jeff runs a tight ship and gets along better with the local people than some have said, last year I was there for typhoon Heta, Jeff took the cautious route and took care that we were all safe. I will be going to Salani for as long as I am able to ride a short board.I am 53 years old and have traveled extensively, I have surfed for 46 years, and built surfboards for almost 30 years, currently with T.Patterson as sander, and shapeing my own label WAVETRIBE SURFBOARDS here in SAN CLEMENTE, CA. To Shaun, Jeff, and all the staff, I say MAHALO, just keep doing what you are all doing, To you ferals out there, get a life, spend some dough, and don't knock what you know nothing about!

By , 14-10-2004

Research Chick - Hello Matt,
I am Leah and I live at Kirra on the Gold Coast, Australia. I'm a Skip (Aussie)
In January 2005 I am going to Samoa to do my second year of Bible college at Rhema BTC in Apia.
God's so cool coz I really wanted to do second year in a Zone and Samoa is it. So stoked.
I lived in Bali a year and it seems Samoa is similar in some ways (temps, pace, geography)

I'm doing my homework and researching what the best plan of attack is when it comes to getting surf action after class (8.30a-12.00p)
My college dean told me I'll have to go to the other side of the island (over/around a huge mountain) to get to the surf. Whats the deal with transport or wheels? Can I buy a dunger (old car)? do I need an International licence?

What are the cops like (In Bali they're mostly shockers).

I want to live in a bungalow, out of town, someplace with a bit of tranquility and foliage. Can you give me the general idea of how I can go about scoring a decent pad for a year?

These few things are my only needs -
I need to show up at college every day on time...
which means I'll need wheels to get around.
I need to find a cool hang for the year.
And I'll need the lowdown on the surf spots, which I reckon I'll probably get sussed pretty soon once I arrive.

Do you have any information you want to pass on to me?
I'd love that. And any cultural information coming from you as a local would be grand.
Yeah, and if I can return the favor - take your pick of Indo, Australia, Japan, France, Spain and Italy. I've lived in most of those countries for at least a year. I can tell you heaps about them.

Thanks Matt.
Mucho appreciato.
(Good Onya, Mate)
Lotsa Love,

By anonymous , 27-09-2004

2 month expedition - Hows it going. Me and a mate are heading off on Dec 7th for a 60 surf trip to Samoa can you guys suggest what the best time you had was so we can get some ideas about what to do and where to go.

By Clarky , 13-09-2004

My views from Samoa - I had a fucking great time in Samoa. I stayed at Salani with a couple of mates and we surfed the front breaks there almost every day (execpt for the occasional trip to Boulders when it was too big out the front). The surf ranged from 2 foot to double overhead (on the first and biggest day). In the first week I lost count of the times we scored perfect waves. The surf was heavy and all I can suggest is get fit and take your balls with you) The second week wasn't as good (would have been hard to match the first) but there are heaps of other things to do over there and if you do stay at Salani when the surf is shit the guides will take you out doing that stuff.

Yes, you could do Samoa on the cheap. We even had one of the locals offer to put us up at his place. It would have been a lot cheaper than the resort. Which, by the way was run by a Seppo fuckwit named Jeff who all of the villagers and most of the guests hated. But from what I hear he is/was on the way out of there anyway. Good riddance.

Anyways, cant give enough raps to Samoa. We all had the best time and there was nothing to be disapointed about. Food, accom, guides and other activities were spot on. JUST WATCH OUT FOR THE FAFA'S (just kidding)

PS would be a great place to take a girlfried if they are willing to watch you surf!

By anonymous , 12-09-2004

Clarky - How Was Samoa in April? - Let us know how it was. Details please?

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