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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Samoa Western

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By Palagi surfer , 14-03-2005

- Although Boomerang Creek resort is a notch or two above the basic beach fale it was still quite reasonably priced when I was there. However, since that time they have made some serious improvements to the place and it is now longer as cheap a place to stay, although it is still most liley far cheaper than Salani. There are two breaks directly in front of BC, a right and a left, in a channel in the reef created by a small stream draining into the ocean (Boomerang Creek). Although it wasn't happening the first time I was there (December 1999) there was, nevertheless, a very solid and impressive swell, but it was coming from a bad direction and thus totally closed out. The owner, an Australian former surfer who no longer surfed, seemed to be a rather down--to-earth chap and in the know. He was married to a local Samoan woman and together they had built the resort and were raising their family there. Anyway he swore there were some great waves right out front when conditions were right and said that some Hawaiians had spent six weeks there the previous summer surfing their brains out most everyday. So I gave it another chance and returned a couple months later. The afternoon I arrived it was rainy and windy but then overnight, just like that it cleaned up and I had four days of really nice head high waves all to myself...tubes galore! I kept expecting someone else to show up but no one ever did and so I had it all to myself the whole time. The day I left it got shitty once again with rain and wind. I passed through there again in late 2001 but it was full-on Trade Wind season and totally blown out. Boomerang Creek had finished the improvements they were working on the last time I was there. I stopped off for lunch and that was when I discovered they had raised their prices considerably for both food and accommodations. The food is excellent by the way. The owner told me that the Salani crew occasionally shows up there. Very susceptible to the Trades so April is a bit sketchy.

By The croc , 11-03-2005

Decent place to stay close to the surf - Need info where to stay with my girl who also surfs, somewhere nice not to x-ee,where we can eat well, surf good waves and relax without being hasseled,Is boomerang creek in a good spot, ?? Anyone out there have any good advice. Going mid april for 2 to 3 weeks. Please help

By Greg , 03-03-2005

Sa'Moana Resort - Hey just wondering if anyone has stayed here and has any comments on it as im thinking of a trip here with a few mates. Cheers for the help.

By Jacko and Riley , 23-02-2005

2 Young Gromets Who Rip - We stayed at Aganoa and it was sick waves about 5-6 foot and as hollow and fast as they come.Accomodation is great an Aussie bloke owns it and hes great he takes ya fishin, snorkling surfing and stuff like that. Theres 3 breaks at Aganoa only 50 metres out from the beach 2 sick rights called Kiddies corner(don't let the name foolya) and middles. the left is a mad backdoor barrell and ya get 12 second barrells.

By anonymous , 10-02-2005

- Oh well, I'm not a kook and yes I do work and make money and I surf everyday, and I'm going to Salani for 2 weeks and will get sick waves. Samoa is Samoa , at least I'll have a bed to sleep on and everything taken care of. Sounds GREAT to me.

By anonymous , 09-02-2005

Up Size Me - If you're the standard corporate seppo freak with a limited agenda, due to your self important time lines salani will suit your purpose, they do provide a service for this type of person. However they are the McDonalds of surfing in Samoa. If you're slighty, to overly interested in experiencing Samoa itself, and still want to catch great waves, you'll take the time to exprerience the richer and more rewarding options that several other breaks to have offer. If you'ra a kook with lots of money and limited time, go to salani, but if you have a clue about life and don't mind burning a day or two to find a richer experience, look past the meal deal option that salani you want fries with that?

By A friend of the Samoan people , 06-02-2005

Reply to Kiwi Pete - Is your comment ("people have no idea what it takes to run an epic surf camp in a 3rd world country like Samoa")some kind of put down on Samoans? If anything, it is the Samoan people and waves who make a surf trip to Samoa 'epic'. Not some half-ass palagi rip off artists like the Western 'mastas' at Salani. The villagers there definitely have mixed feelings, at best, about foreigners coming in and making a lot of money off their waves and resources. Sure, the viallgers get some meager minimum wage jobs cleaning up after the rich white tourists who come to surf. But the question is, why aren't they the ones in charge of running the place (and keeping the profits for themselves)? After all, it is their country and their waves!

By anonymous , 04-02-2005

Beginner Spots - I never saw any, despite touring both islands over two weeks. I didn't see any sand breaks, and small waves have to break in pretty shallow coral...

By Kiwi Pete , 03-02-2005

Jeff at Salani Surf Resort-reply to "Clarky" - Sounds like you got burnt "Clarky" are you a blow in who didnt get what you wanted from Jeff at Salani? Jeff is one of the greatest guys ive met- his running and development of Salani deserves respect. People have no idea what it takes to run this "epic" resort in a third world country such as Samoa.
Jack Sedevic is right on the nail with Jeff-
much respect and friendship Jeff- i know how it goes mate

By stefan , 18-01-2005

beginner spots - Hi there
My girlfriend and me are going to Samoa on Saturday. She really wants to take a board with her but I don't know of any beginner spots.

Does anyone know some easier breaks at this time of the year?


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