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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Samoa Western

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By anonymous , 02-04-2005

aganoa beach - danny,
aganoa is the go,we go there every year with wife and kids,3rd trip booked this year,best spot in the trades apart from boulders on the other island,but picks up any swell from the south.have fun.

By , 01-04-2005

aganoa - danny - Hey Danny, we're going to to hit Samoa in mid july and am hoping to find a good set up. One with waves that you can paddle to and a place for the little kids to hang out. Would appreciate some info on how aganoa turns out for you.

By PR , 01-04-2005

aganoa by PR. - Had 2 wks last year with the Martin family at Aganoa,with the wife and kids.Top spot,private beach,great safe swimming,snorkeling,insane waves when it is on at your door step.great food,icy cold Vailimas.
Your in paradise,and only max 12 surfers allowed,so better to check with Atoll Travel for availability.

By anonymous , 31-03-2005

- Hey,
Dont pay extortianate prices to stay in a foreign owned complex. Stay with the locals. Go to Maninoa and search out the family run business just in front of coconuts.

I dream about everynight and its been twop years since I was there. Enjoy and respect the island.


By danny , 30-03-2005

aganoa - i am planning a trip the last 2 weeks of april with the wife and young kids,i am looking to surf good waves, somewhere i dont have to rely on boats every day and can paddle out to surf.anybody been to aganoa beach recently
would this be a good area to chill out and surf.if not wheres a good spot on the south coast which is a good for
family and surf?cheers for any help.

By anonymous , 25-03-2005

Swell September - Planning trip round the start of Sept. can I expect consistent surf action

By Palagi Surfer , 25-03-2005

Hook up with Green Turtle Tours! - Hey Raul you sound cool but no you cannot camp just anywhere in Samoa. That would be totally uncool and show disrespect to the locals. The message you would be sending is that their homes are not good enough for you (even though that is not how you feel, that is how they will look at it). You must stay with a family or at a beach fale. But relax. You can do this at at a very low cost and in a low key way. Check out Green Turtle Tours on the web. They will hook you up in style.

By Nick , 25-03-2005

Salani - just stayed at Salani for 2 weeks, 1st week surfed 6+ hours each day, consistant right reef break, with other spots available, they focus on getting surf when conditions prevail. Surf, eat, surf, eat, sleep. it's like clockwork at Salani. solid meals, good guys, great time. Surfed the left, right, chewy's, & the island.

If Brian, Riley, Dave, Jeff, or Gregg read this - What up. Wish I was there surfing with you guys. Had a Blast, but now back in the Bay chilling.

By ecuadorian guy , 24-03-2005

Can I camp anywhere - Hi there guys I am raul and I am from Ecuador, I am, going on a surf trip to Samoa, but I only have 3weeks and I dont wanna stay in a resort unless is quite economical, where I live I surf on averagae 5-10 hours a day. I just want to stay in a place whre I can surf,eat,read,strecth and sleep. Can ypu please recomend me a good place where I can pitch up a tent or a place to stay where I dont have to deal wiht commercialism but to concentrate and focus on surfing. I love big waves is a 6'8 big enough....thanks
if you need tips on Ecuador, south america, europe, australa/nz I am an open book,
kind regards
raul cabrera

By Palagi surfer , 14-03-2005

- Although Boomerang Creek resort is a notch or two above the basic beach fale it was still quite reasonably priced when I was there. However, since that time they have made some serious improvements to the place and it is now longer as cheap a place to stay, although it is still most liley far cheaper than Salani. There are two breaks directly in front of BC, a right and a left, in a channel in the reef created by a small stream draining into the ocean (Boomerang Creek). Although it wasn't happening the first time I was there (December 1999) there was, nevertheless, a very solid and impressive swell, but it was coming from a bad direction and thus totally closed out. The owner, an Australian former surfer who no longer surfed, seemed to be a rather down--to-earth chap and in the know. He was married to a local Samoan woman and together they had built the resort and were raising their family there. Anyway he swore there were some great waves right out front when conditions were right and said that some Hawaiians had spent six weeks there the previous summer surfing their brains out most everyday. So I gave it another chance and returned a couple months later. The afternoon I arrived it was rainy and windy but then overnight, just like that it cleaned up and I had four days of really nice head high waves all to myself...tubes galore! I kept expecting someone else to show up but no one ever did and so I had it all to myself the whole time. The day I left it got shitty once again with rain and wind. I passed through there again in late 2001 but it was full-on Trade Wind season and totally blown out. Boomerang Creek had finished the improvements they were working on the last time I was there. I stopped off for lunch and that was when I discovered they had raised their prices considerably for both food and accommodations. The food is excellent by the way. The owner told me that the Salani crew occasionally shows up there. Very susceptible to the Trades so April is a bit sketchy.

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