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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Samoa Western

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By anonymous , 02-09-2005

samoa can be cheap - there is accomadation everywhere, there are a lot of waves you can paddle to, i found that the . don't believe that you need a boat bullshit. stay in a beach fale it will cost you about $5aus a night. Where it can be a little bit more expensive is that the reef there are of the barrier type (on the south shore) so there are no large passes and the waves are heavily dependant on wind and swell direction. the points are a bit more flexible eg boulders so the go is hire a 4wd, start at about $50aus a day, get a map, work out the wind and swell directions and empty huge barrels await.

By victoria , 22-08-2005

surfing aganoa november? - Sounds like the surf fales in aganoa are a nice place to stay? is this true? has anyone stayed there? does anyone have any ideas for our honey moon. cheap and cheerful with surf would be good. not busy and paddle out if possible! cheers.

By , 16-08-2005

Reliable info - Is SAMOA cheap and safe to travel alone.Like is it possible to get around on $40aud a day or should i stick to INDO. I don't wanna pay over priced surf resort rates but i wanna score waves. Is it easy to find cheap accomodation over there, homestays possible? which island is better? Any help from someone who has been an done an exploring surf trip would be great. Thanks, please email me.

By bethereagaininfeb , 11-07-2005

just got back - have just returned from a month on upolu in that time i scored 8 days of perfect to near perfect 6ft+ surf, a week of completely blown out surf and a mix of days in between. I didn't stay with any of the surf resorts, but a 4wd type vechile and a willingness to explore is needed to make the most of your stay. Paddle outs range from 2 mins to 20mins and if you are not up to a 20min paddle the surf is going to be to heavy for you and best you stay at home as the sneaky 10ft clean up seats will get you at some stage. i will try to post some photos of our "everday left", but there is no way i am posting photos of a rarly surfed secret spot at which i made about 15 identical barrales in a row, i will say though it works on all tides, its hard to find and the resorts don't know about it.

By jimmy , 28-06-2005

webmaster - by looking at the messages it is plainly obvious that Salani is just adding up their good comments by themselves and talking badly about other guide/accomodations all under pseudo names....get real web dude you need to check the IP addresses

By scott , 28-06-2005

cant we all get along? - talk about surf..give a daily report or something, make us working hacks dream about going! to all you haters get a life already.

By the oldest grommet in the world , 17-06-2005

C u guys soon - My son and I will be over on Upolu next week for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to plenty of early and late sessions with who ever is out there. You will be able to tell us - the old bloke and the little bloke giving it their best, charging hard, and laughing a lot.

By shoota , 16-06-2005

just a tip - hi there,
anyone out there that can steer me in the right direction. i'm looking for a nice kicked back place to stay...near a good left if possible. thanks

By Chris UK , 14-06-2005

aganoa - To anyone going to savaii, i encourage you to stay with keith and lanu at aganoa. I spent around two weeks there with my mate and got uncrowded waves of a life time, had GOOD and plentifull food,didn't drain our bank account ,and enjoyed every minute. Why would he (sharky) knock someone for charging a couple of extra bob so he can support the local primary schools?Beats me also. Even though it's custom for ALL savaii villages to charge for surfing on there private land. Anyways i'd like too publically THANK Keith, Lanu and Niki for looking after us and i look forward to going there again, without seeing sharky there.

By trev malabar oz. , 11-06-2005

free loadn shark - so shark looks like u blew it on savaii dont like your chances of stickn your head in there again coz it will get knocked of your friggn shoulders. people like u screw it for the decent traveling surfers that arent scared of spending a few tala 2 enjoy the good vibe that keith & lanu give there guests at aganoa. I've been going 2 samoa for the past 13 years and on a few trips I've come across a few land sharks like u what a miserable lot u are. you are all out to bludge off the locals in many ways u can and u think its cool 2 give them a couple of old dirty smelly t-shirts 4 their hospitality & local knowledge they showed during your stay.
well shark i got news 4 u, the words out all over the surf villages on savaii to be on the lookout 4 scum like u & other land sharks with ya dirty smelly t-shirts bribes. Your a low life sharky,you denied those poor school kids a few tala through the education fund that is compulsary 4 all surfers to pay no matter where they surf on savaii. So its feral dirty pants like u sharky that the locals want 2 keep off savaii. u bad mouthed keith & lanu in disrespect regarding aganoa,that in itself is a life sentence 4 u ever returning 2 savaii.
And guess where it blows offshore 8 months of the year u blew it shark.

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