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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Samoa Western

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By anonymous , 01-03-2006

Laulii - Hey "wheres my info"
Reply might be a bit late but hope you get some useful info out of this. You dont need a boat to surf Laulii but you will need to paddle about 3-400m past the barrier reef to get to the break. I spearfish around this break and it can get pretty wild. Needs a solid north/north east swell to work. Laulii is only 15min drive from Apia so you can stay anywhere in town.
Hope this helps.

By Lealofi Moegagogo Tamasese , 17-02-2006

Samoa Surf - If you don't know the area - Samoan surf - use the clubs/resorts that are specifically geared to surfing. Anyone who has surfed reef break knows if you are not careful you can get seriously messed up. They know where to surf, when to surf and what to watch for.

In regard to some of the stuff written about exploitation of the locals etc - nobody has whips. The people are glad to have a job. The locally run joints pay just as much if not less then the overseas owned ones (and by the way all business in Samoa must have 51% local ownership unless it has changed recently- so in a way they are all local). Unlike some places Samoa did not have a surf culture. Exclusivity of waves etc does not happen although a few import surf guys have been heard to be trying to import that surf culture.

Anyway my Great Grand Uncle led the independance movement for Samoa and as one of his decendents and proud of Samoa being the first independant country in the South Pacific - I welcome everyone with open arms. The surf here is awesome, the people are great, personally I recommend the tour guys for local knowledge of the surf like Salani and Maninoa surf camp, but hey, however you want to travel here just do.

By samoan vet , 29-01-2006

maninoa camp rocks - Maninoa camp is highly recommended. Read blackeys message and could not alow that rubbish to go unanswered. Maninoa, although spartan, is safe, clean and is geared for a pleasurable stay. It is managed, and it is my impression partially owned by the samoan family that manages the joint, thus no alcohol for sale. Do not know what rippoffs you allude to, but if it includes charging US150.00 a day you must mean 1 of the 2 "resorts". Maninoa is a beach fale style accomodations that offers a surfing service for a 3rd of the other joints. I also seriously doubt that the slidig a 10 tala thing exists...cannot even get a happy meal at maccas for 10tala

By , 20-01-2006

need surf advice - Aloha,
We are traveling to Samoa the 19th -31st of march.
My husband was born in Pago Pago but has not been there since he was an infant, so this is the family returns trip.
We live on Kauai and Jay is a die hard surfer , so he'd really like to get in the water while were there.
SO heres the question .......... his family has so far chosen places to stay in Apia and on the north side of Savai'i. From what we understand the surf is best on the south side of the islands. So is it possible to take our rental jeep and drive to the south in search of surf?? I think its an hour from apia to the south??
How big is Savai'i, i know it's big but can't seem to find out how big. Like how long would it take to drive from the North side down to the south.?? Were trying to convince the family to stay on the south side .
Is there any guides that anyone would recommend to take Jay around??
mahalo for any advice you can give......... shannon/Jay French, Kauai

By where's my info? , 19-01-2006

Any Info on Lauli'i - Seriously, someone must have surfed this spot. It's in the World Stormriders guide, the front page of this website points to it, but i've scoured the entire internet and found like ten words on the place... Specifically, where is the nearest cheap place to stay? What is the wave like? The book says I don't need a boat to access, is this true? Should I stay in solosolo and take the bus over to Lauli'i? ANYTHING! PLEASE!

By , 11-01-2006

stormboys experience - spent 2 weeks at aganoa, and got 2x6ft swells, though one was windy. Definatelly one of the better surf trips Ive ever had, I'll be back for more!! Cheers Keith c ya next time, the photo's will be on the way soon.

Go the right out the front sick sick barrels, Pauly ur a legend and a role model father!!!

oh and the yummy yummy cajun tuna was delish.

By , 20-12-2005

winds,swell, time of year - What are the predominant winds like, whats the best time for swell and good winds?
how consistant are swells and what is it like getting a long visa, like 2-3 month?
if you email me, say somoa, as i have my email all over wannasurf.

By , 17-12-2005

Samoa Dreaming - I have been to Samoa twice and im headding back in 2006. I usually do the cheap and stay in beach fales. I have stayed at a couple of resorts but thet has only been for a few days to spoil myself and have a real shower. I wouldn't stay at Maninoa. Guys from Lineup surf shop in Dee Why sydney have connections with it and I have heard numerous stories of guest being ripped off. However Tim the surf guide there is a nice guy and will take you out to coco's if you slip him 10tala even if your not staying there.

I have stayed a few nights at Sa'Moana. George and Paul are nice guys and have played by the rules(with the samoans) at setting this place up. They have decent surf out the front of the resorts and about 10 other breaks accessed by boat.

I truely love samoa and have had a lot of perfect surf sessions. Those people who have stayed there entire trip in a resort may get bummed a bit. Get a 4WD and go and explore. Stay in beach fales, meet the locals and all in all you will have a memorable surfing experience.

By ian j from england , 08-11-2005

sharkys dropped his balls - Ha ha ha what a muppet, ive never been to samoa i was just reading this for the craic, and its hillarious. sharkys arse went big time there, talk about back tracking. So i'd just like to say in conclusion... sharky.. what a wimp ha ha ha If you said it when you were pissed i recon you meant it. later dudes

By , 16-09-2005

agree with searching (kind of) - You are absolutly right in saying a one week ticket is a waste of money, and all the guys who stayed at salani got ripped. We saw them out at about 4-5 ft boulders a couple of times and they didn't look real happy (bolders dosn't work at this size), they got to surf 3-4 ft pudding rock most days. Yes for quite a bit of it, it was bloody windy and i spent days on end on the piss. The thing is i know quite a few secret spots and i can interpret weather maps. I caught the end of that early june swell you are talking about and it was easily the best swell of the trip. I live on the east coast of australia and i am doubtful this is where the smallest most wind affected waves on the planet exist. Funny thing is i did score late june early july (about 5 days in two weeks), i don't expect you to belive me as only me and a mate were in the water except for one day when a couple of surfers who were staying a lolamanu found one of our spots broke their boards and never returned. bad luck to you if you missed these waves. Am i going again?-absolutly. I think all this, it was shit, it wasn't shit argument proves is how hit and miss surf trips can be (can't check all the spots on the island within the high tide window). anyway if you really don't belive me email me and i will send you some pics of this
"non existant surf" including a couple of water shots of the day old mates broke their boards

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