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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Samoa Western

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By benmenzies81 , 01-09-2012

Upolu - I surfed Samoa may 2012 and had a good trip. for accomodation i would recommend a place in a village called Tafitoala (maybe mispelt) called 'Sine P.J. Fale'. The family who run it are real sweet. Neil is a good man too, he knows the island back to front. He has a boat and can sort you out a wave. I think he mostly hangs out at Coconuts

By DrewBrophen , 13-02-2012

Petition to keep Western Samoa wave Accessable & Open for Guest & Locals (No Private Waves!!) -

Check out this link, and sign the petition for Western Samoa if you agree that waves should not be private, and should be accessible for everyone.

By bellsbingbong , 01-08-2011

October - We are heading to Samoana early October - has anyone got any info on what the surf is usually like? Which side of the island is better and is it best to hire a car>??? Thanks

By Tracker50 , 30-04-2011

Surfing South Upolu - Their are 3 places to stay all next to each other at the village of Siumu.
Coconuts - nice resort for families or couples
Maininoa Surf Camp - Strictly cheap low buget surf camp with basic accomodation and facilities holds approx 45-45 surfers
Sinalei Resort - Adults only nice resort
A boat runs from Maininoa Camp with the 'crowd' no camp members pay each trip.
Coconuts has a small 'tinny' which holds 5 surfers pays as you go
He can organise also a trip to Salanis when it works which is about a 300 mtr paddle over flat water.
I understand the Surf camp there is getting rebuilt soon
Also if you are keen you can rent a car at Coconuts/sinalei and go venturing along the coast we saw some nice breaks going east on our bus tour but not there next dat due to swell change

By Anonymous , 16-03-2011

Going to W. Samoa June 13th - I'm from San Diego and will be traveling solo to Upolo and Savaii june 13th. looking to surf,fish and dive as mush as possible.I will be renting a car and staying with local families. If you'll be in the area and feel like sharing some boat rides let me know.BTW, I also like to drink beer.

By boarder77 , 15-02-2011

- hey guys never been to samoa surfing but thinking of hitting it in may. im looking to surf mainly boulders,salanu,sales special k and tiva. can you give me any info on where might be the best area-accom to stay. wana keep it relativity cheap. also are most breaks paddle out or boat ride. any info would be awesome thanks

By DrewBrophen , 27-01-2011

Samoa South Coast- Coconuts beach club - Hey Mate- Just got back from Samoa a few weeks ago. Took the wife to Coconuts and it is almost completely re built after the tsunami. She was happy and I got good waves at a couple different spots with the surf guide at Coconuts, Neil. Nice guy who knows all the waves. I would go there again for sure. It was the spot.

By stuart , 01-09-2010

Stuart - Hi mate i went a few months ago and you would never know anything happened all the main areas didnt get affected. Went with girl friend and every 1 was super nice to us and scored a few waves. Good all round trip though.

By Anonymous , 20-08-2010

Crime? - Hey, I was looking at Samoa but i heard the crime was up due to desperation post tsunami. Understandable but it doesnt make for a great holiday. Anyone been recently that could comment on their experience?

By Anonymous , 03-07-2010

... - any 1 planning on going to Samoa dont its shit, when i was there just recently all my boards got stollen by some local guys they beat me up real bad, etc. i reported it to the local police but nothing has come of it. disappointed 4 sure. Indo safer and cheaper.
cheers guys stay safe

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