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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Simberi island

Papua New Guinea

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By Anonymous , 30-05-2010

Try the break off the little Island Western side of Simberi - Having been working on the Island and checking out the surf everyday even through I had no board. The best surf I saw was at the little Island on Western side of Simberi. Saying that 5 surfers turned on a boat one day surf the left handed at the port of the Simberi Gold Mine.

By Anonymous , 07-03-2008

- Just got back from 9 night charter. Although we surfed everyday, it was very small and very inco. Aparently it does get good but I doubt it has the cosistency of Indo. Bit of a risk if you only have 1-2 weeks.

By Anonymous , 09-02-2008

Ummm, if can afforn the time and expense!! - Yes and No. I have spent a fair amount of time up there looking. Only go if you have plenty of time. I don't want to sound like a downer, but sometimes it's better to stick with what is know when it comes to scoring good, consistant surf when you only have a month or three a year to do so!!. If you know what I mean.

By Anonymous , 11-01-2008

Surf PNG - The entire region has fantastic surf, as you land at the Rabaul airport you will see untold breaks right under you.
There's quite a few expats living in the region, it's easy enough to hook up with'em and ask.
There are so many unexplored /unsurfed spots, evem driving up the road to Kavieng you will see postcard views of perfect waves through gaps in the jungle.

By Anonymous , 30-12-2007

Surf in East New Britain? - Anyone know of any surf in east new britain? Preferably near Rabaul/Kokopo?

By matt , 18-12-2007

matt - what time of year did you go? how did you get there from port moresby and what sort of cost is it? looks like the next new place to go!

By josh , 13-11-2007

Info - The picture of the right is a break called "long longs" u need to stay a nusa island retreat to surf it, (land right) u acutally need permission off the local government of each island if u wanna go surf them on a trip by yourself( not staying at a resort or going on a boat ), if u do go, please take any spare chloths surfboard etc, anything u have, they are very poor and are sooo greatfull if u leave them stuff, i stayed at nusa isalnd retreat, it was great, good surf nice food, only problem is the reef, very sharp, worse then maldives,mentawais, the pics of the left i have never seen before, but i surf'd a break called "nargo left" and it was machine like perfection, i have pics i will put them on here soon, i also have a pic of rags right, which was my fav wave, it was great! have fun!

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