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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 New Zealand SI

New Zealand

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By kalaukoa , 29-04-2009

Coming in August 2009 - Aloha, I am from Hawaii and will be on Te Waipounamu (south island)from 08.19.08 - 09.05.09. The surf looks unreal, and I was wondering if there are any local shops that do rentals? I am going to be there on my honeymoon, and bringing my snowboard, so there is a lot of stuff to pack. Does it get good in the winter? If anyone could let me know, or if anyone wants to go surfing while I am there, I would totally be stoked, and retutn the aloha if anyone ever came to Hawaii.

By Black's Beach Loke , 12-01-2007

Dunedin Rippers - Im going to be in Dunedin for a week in February following a scientific egghead conference in Queenstown. Any rippers want to stoke a bro and take me surfing. Ill buy the beer and promise to take you surfing if your ever in California.

By , 01-12-2006

should i? - Im heading over to south island at the end of december through january. just wondering if its worth bringing a board at this time of the year?

By Belkster , 06-07-2005

Wave Tank - I heard that there is a new Wave Tank in New Zealand. Is this true?

By Alex , 21-06-2005

Weight loss pills -

By anonymous , 07-12-2004

Water temp - The water does get cold in winter but if your not a pussy you'll be sweet. I surft all through winter in a oneil psyco 3/2 with a vest underneth. The ice cream headaches make you feel alive!!!

By anonymous , 16-05-2004

boards - if you coming to south island, bring a mini mal as well, cos u get plenty of flat days, otherwise if you cum beginning of autum you be sweet with a shorty as you get the beginnig of sum nice winter swells..

By Anon , 24-02-2004

wetsuit for S. Island - Midway down S. Island (Timaru) the sea goes to 7.5 degrees in July. Surfers use 5.2 mm or the new super-stretch neoprene of 4 mm. All wear hood, gloves, boots. The further S. you go the colder it gets. Crank the heater of your car 20 minutes before reaching the break so you're cooking by the time you hit the ocean. That way you'll have an hour plus in the water.

By anonymous , 17-02-2004

Wetsuit? - I am getting mixed reports on the wet suit needed for this area coming for a visit end of feb. I have both a 4mm and 6mm but not sure which would be best. thanks

By anonymous , 03-08-2002

surfing down south - the surf does get good down here cold and clean but the best thing about the south island is the mountains people and cruisey lifestyle excellent backcountry snowboarding too many mountians our highest mountain is 3700 m with heaps of low key small feilds full of powder lots of places too surf feb march best months i reckon still warm and start getting the winter swells enjoy

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