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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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New Zealand, New Zealand SI, SE Coast

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By Anonymous , 05-08-2010

Piha Rulz - I've been there heaps and it's so over-rated. Apparently it used to barrel but now it's more mushburger than barrel

By Anonymous , 10-09-2008

Localism - Bit of unusual localism here today, some nice person wrote "KOOK" on our car in surf wax, first time this has happened in the 5 years surfing here, even more strange because we did nothing to deserve it, we were surfing out the way of everyone, pretty rude really, not sure what possessed the person to do it, they are possibly brain damaged or born mentally retarded, otherwise i see no reason why they would do this.

By Anonymous , 16-06-2008

Shark attacks - There have been 4 fatalities in Dunedin, only one was at aramoana, and that was back in 1968, so its not as shark infested as that dude made out

By Anonymous , 03-05-2007

matakana is no urban myth - just wanted to say the guy or girl who said matakana island is a urban myth obviously has no idea i find his comment very un-informed and wrong, but im stoked he doesnt surf at matakana anyway

By Anonymous , 28-11-2006

Bad pies - Man thats bull about gettin samonella from pies just bull

By anonymous , 06-08-2004

- I'm a Dunedin Local, been surfing this break for 30 years. It is a fickle beach-break with little sand-bar action. It usually does have a wave...but is "epic" only with a southerly wind and a solid northery swell. This combination is rare. All other times it's just a smallish wave clean beach-break.
The status of this break, like others in NZ (Matakana Island being another) is an urban myth.

It is sharky, all three New Zealand fatal shark attacks have been at this break. Common sense applies here.

By anonymous , 04-08-2004

JP - Used to surf Aramoana a while ago and the break is just excellent with predictable peaks not shifting around too much. I know stories of the skipper from the varsity mentioning sharks basking at the surface and so on. So it is definitely a shark spot like all the others around SE-NZ. However, bear in mind how many peaople actually get attacked in NZ waters and you will come to the conclusion that the nasty pie at the next corner shop might just more likely take you out due to salmonella rather than a grey suit.

Regards from Germany

By anonymous , 03-08-2004

don't look down - a mate of mine was riding along a wave when he noticed a great white riding along in the face behind him, reckons it looked him right in the eye, then he came in. people on the beach reckon it had been circling him for 15 mins!but he hadn't seen them waving out, probably to busy getting tubed by the look of those photos

By Hi, I'm Daniel. , 12-03-2004

no title - I was at Aramoana like 2 weeks ago and it was f**king epic a. I'm not tht good a surfer but i still got 2 mint barrels. Went over the falls about 10 times though. It's pretty heavy a, don't bother going unless you don't mind getting pounded on a few. Most of the surfers i've talked to about Aramoana agree that it's one of the best beach breaks in New Zealand. Also check out Murders which is a coupla bays over.

By Guy Sebastien , 10-03-2004

Bah humbug - I went there. It was dead flat. walked up the spit. nearly attacked by a group of seals near the end. seen a penguin though.

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