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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 New Zealand NI

New Zealand

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By satisfied punter , 18-07-2007

tip for that fulla - long and thin - slides right in
short and thick - does the trick

By Anonymous , 23-12-2006

My New Baby - Id been trying to surf on a gun for a while - but the board wasnt suited to learn on..

Long but - Not Wide - Not Thick and Bouyant..

Got my new 8ft 6in board two days ago and got out to Piha today..

I stood twice - not long but longer than when i used the gun (STOKED)

By Anonymous , 03-12-2006

RoOokie - im a rookie from norway who is planing a trip to nz. im about 165 cm and 45 kilos, can somebody give some advice on some board i shoud get? how long... ect..??

thanks :P

By , 12-07-2006

surfing Raglan - I surfed and stayed in raglan in feb for 2 weeks.I am from just outside sydney.I just dont get the crowd thing.I surfed every day at one or the other points at raglan and missed about 1 wave i think my wave count went into thousands.Lovely locals no hassling and everyone gets waves..3 wave sets??? i think not a b eautifullll spot to surf and watch surfing

By , 09-05-2006

Just starting out? - Hi you!

I've got a couple surf mates cruising north Island from July 7 till 13th.

We're all kinda new to surfing (since new years) and If you're keen to join us on our 'Endless Summer3' mission around Gizzy, the Mount, Raglan, and hopefully north north (Shippies would be awesome!) just let me know k.

If you're already a genius surfer you mite be happier doing your own thing but if you want the company of other hard hitting freshies... Join us it would be mint!!

By Jonathan , 01-02-2006

love ya fabulous country darlings - I just got back from my second trip to N.Z. First was feb/mar/apr 2003.
This one was oct/nov/dec/jan.
Tip: avoidavoidavoid travelling during the holidays (late dec to mid jan.). Trust me, just don't do it. Every sort of accomodation and surf spot is at its peak of crowdedness. I had a completely different impression of the scene from my earlier trip, slightly later in the season. Later summer still has lovely warm water (north island, that is), and 1/4 the # of surfers.
Like in California, the number of surfers have increased markedly in recent years. In particular, Raglan is overcrowded as never before. I know you'll want to give it a go, but try to be in your most humble mode; consider rethinking what "your share" is, in the context of 40 locals and nationals trying for 3 wave sets. Raglan is currently going through a new phase of "growing pains', I'm just saying be sensitive to this, whatever that means to you. Other areas are a (delightfully) different story...

By , 15-12-2005

help - hi there im thinking of travling to nz wen is the best time of the year for surf and consistancy and wot type of wettie should i take cheeers

By anonymous , 15-12-2005

New to NZ - Hi

I am new to the Auckland area and I was wondering if anyone knew of any other surfers or forums where I can find other surfers that may be interested in carpooling on the weekends to the spots around auckland (piha, karekare, muriwai, etc). Any help would be appreciated.

By , 30-10-2005

Not Anti-American...But Pro-Human!!! - Just a message to all the people out there who think they can come to AOTEAROA(new Zealand).Ive seen first hand the damage America has done to the world, firstly to Native Indians,Africans, Micronesia,Hawaii,Samoa and the list goes on.You show up to these places with a bible in one hand and guns alcohol and drugs in the other,and then proceed to desecrate their lands,culture,people and ancestors, all for what???your own bottomless pockets!!!To fill your empty hearts with some kind of satisfaction.Polynesians gave the world surfing,so dont bring your poisened minds and attitudes here,come with your heads bowed in humility,and know your are very lucky to be allowed on our land!If you drop in,the brothers over here will punish you,we have been known to cut heads off and eat brains.!!!!Aotearoa is TANGATA MAORI,Hawaii is KANAKA MAOLI,both are the same peoples,and WE are aware of the injustice and oppression you have caused to our whanau,the people of HAWAII!!!!!WATCH YOURSELVES,and you are welcome!!!!

By , 30-09-2005

Looking for advice and partner in North Island - Hello ! I've been in NZ for 2 weeks and surfed Raglan. Actually I'm staying in Auckland trying to find a place where I could go surfing everyday and be able to get a job.
I have heard a lot about Gisborne, can anyone recommend me where to go? I'm also looking for someone in Auckland who wants to share costs to go in a surf trip to Gisborne.

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