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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 West Coast Taranaki

New Zealand, New Zealand NI

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By Anonymous , 12-07-2010

Buffalo/Opz - Stano's "Da Man" so listen to what he says so you don't get yer head knocked. And besides he's importing French girls our lovely province - he should get a fricking statue erected....ahhh.err.....

By stano , 21-10-2009

opz is sick - inbred farmers sons hahaha neck up ya parrot lived there all my life. live on one of the many farms that back onto our beaches reefs and points man up dont hide behind a blog ya pussy the locals are mellow at all spots bar a couple and for you to have a hard time youve been owta line and been dealt with the way we know best sending from hossegor france inbred i think not

By Anonymous , 21-07-2008

boyz paying - It was reported that the boyz told the reef trust that the reef would be finished out of their own money if necessary

By Anonymous , 07-05-2008

Selling Ice to Eskimos Revisited - I looked on the ASR website and other spots but couldn't fined the claim that the boyz will finish it with their money.

So did they? Are they?

By Anonymous , 12-12-2007

selling "ICE"2EKimoes" - artificial surfing
but there is hope on the horizon with both directors of ASR LTD apparently saying that they are staking their professional and personal reputations on these reefs being sucessfull - and to further show their integrity, personally guarenteeing with their own personal and family assets that the reefs will work as they have been promised too. Opanake appaently will be finished using Blacks and Meades own money! Its been said that Mead will hand back his qualifications gained by designing the MT as will Black if they dont work as designed.

I'm constantly sticking up for those guys - everyone says that them, their qualifications, experience , "science" and selling methods are not worth a "pince of (profanity)" - no I totally disagree when i hear that and correct them by affirming that THEY ARE"
the truth will set us free

By Balm , 30-08-2007

rip off - Yeah started it but run out of the Mt., blaming it on too much swell, yeah, at the Mt.!
someone needs to do an audit on this prick Kerry Black to see how much of this money the councils local businesses hes sucking into this bullshit is he spending funding his lil retirement projects overseas
these will never work....putting an artifcial reef in a place that has untold reefs in a 5km radius, good selling

By Anonymous , 03-06-2007

What's up at Opunake? - I see Opunake was supposed to put in an artificial reef last year? Did they? Does it work?

By Anonymous , 03-06-2007

What's up at Opunake? - I see Opunake was supposed to put in an artificial reef last year? Did they? Does it work?

By anonymous , 02-05-2006

aussie booga - hey, thinkin bout headin over hear soon and i was gonna take my board with me. whats the best time of the year 4 tha surf?? swell and offshore winds?? cheers.

By OKATO LOCAL , 10-01-2006

True Locals - What Ive been reading in here I think its funny and BS, I live on the coast here in Taranaki, and I know that the TRUE LOCALS from around the coastal area do not burn peoples gear on the beach break in to cars etc.... We do our ruling in the water. The people who do these things are not from our area, they are from either New Plymouth or Waitara or Hawera South. Keep that sort of CRAP away from our shores.

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