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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 White rock

New Zealand, New Zealand NI, South East Coast

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By Lock Up Your Daughters , 23-04-2013

Reason with me... - A few little truths:

1. Yes the Spit Right pumps, but if your lucky, three times a year, so it is not worth all the hype.

2. Surfing in this part of the world is about the entire region. Drop Waireka, Propellers, Breakers, Wainui, Ferry, and Freight Trains into the mix and you have enough variety to dream of being a surfer living in the lower North Island coping with surfing twice a week at best (averaged over an entire year).

3. White Rock's value is in the geography not the quality of the surf. Dolphin Bay and Seconds are only a 6.0/10, Spit Left being a little better 6.5/10, and while Spit Right fetches approximately an 8.5/10 (so just squeaks into being world class) it only lines up properly one or two, possibly three times a year, other than those days it is no better than anywhere else. And being so inconsistent can't really be considered a world class destination.

4. So in conclusion, like the north side of Mahia, unless you have a good year the East Coast inconsistent gem none as 'Spit Right' is not more than a novelty wave that comes to life once in a blue moon. But when it does, with that landscape...

5. Final word: Wellington surfers for the most part are a bunch of semi-weirdo's. Lots of talking up and sledging in forums etc and nothing much in behind it all. Give me a session at Stent with guys that are serious but actually charging any day.

By Anonymous , 06-09-2010

Primo Spot - if you are very lucky - Since I first came out in the seventies I've caught it on maybe twenty times, far less at the Spit than seconds.

Like every other spot if the wind and swell are right it gets very good indeed, but because of the drop off straight down to the trench it's got Indo style punch.

Basically though, reading through all this rubbish from wankers who think they are locals makes it pretty obvious there's something special out there, but actually catching it on is a real mission that takes quite a bit of local knowledge and some large amount of luck.

If it's obvious, there's surfers from Gisborne to Taranaki out there, it's no secret, and no wonder the landowner restricted access; people were shitting everywhere and breaking his fences, shooting his stock and so on.

There's few real locals apart from the seals and the sharks. I've surfed the coast for years and never seen sharks, but seen plenty of seals, which are shark tucker.

The Wairarapa guys may claim to be locals but mostly they are from somewhere else too, typically though there is a white trash element that acts tough and seems intimidating. It's not my job to suggest they grow up, but surfers can be so much better. Go steal a Harley and grow a silly beard, fat boy!

Anyway, I have some fond memories of learning to surf out here (learning to hold my breath and overcome fear of sharks when surfing alone) and I hope anyone else who manages to come out an get it on enjoys the same.

By Hamish Scott , 25-02-2009

White Rock Now - The gate is now locked. If you walk in (45-50mins) go to the first house and let Frank know youre going in...just courtesy really.Ive been here 5 times and only caught it once...bloody fickle!

By singleporter , 29-12-2007

Nice break. - Had the pleasure of surfing Seconds at 8+ foot when swell/wind were working together. Doesn't happen often, but when it does it truly is a magic spot.

I'm not too proud or staunch to admit that that particular part of Zee's coastline makes me a little "uneasy". The combination of cold, isolation, very VERY sharky waters, and the power behind a big south swell in that location and surrounding breaks, makes for an unnerving experience with only a couple of people out.

I was "nudged" on my first day at Seconds by something a HELL of a lot larger than the 6'7" I was sitting on. Which goes a long way in explaining the respect I have for the place.

If you're lucky enough to score here when it is epic, it's a lot of fun. I haven't been here for 10 years, but still have that landscape etched into my mind.

By mike dell (now living on crowded gc) , 04-07-2007

White rock in the 80,s - arrived from lyall with the boys in rx2,no4b,howling onshore,stayed incabin,(no locked gate) next day 6ftoffshore pumping.2nds goin off.wind changed direction,surfed 4)ft spit(wicked)shooting skyrockets out cabin door at nitetime no crowds in those days bring back the good ol days. stay home wannabes. 6 guys out max beats 200 agro mf's any day of the week.

By mike dell (now living on crowded gc) , 04-07-2007

White rock in the 80,s - arrived from lyall with the boys in rx2,no4b,howling onshore,stayed incabin, next day 6ftoffshore pumping.2nds goin off.wind changed direction,surfed 4)ft spit(wicked)shooting skyrockets out cabin door at nitetime no crowds in those days bring back the good ol days stay home wannabes

By Marcel ("Remembrance of Things Past") Proust , 02-07-2007

Great for Learners - First time I stood up and went sideways along the face was out at the spit on a classic (you know the direction, boys) day, probably about 3ft but still etched in my mind 30 years later.

There was an Aussie called Ben living in the old hut who shared our food and cabbage, took us out and called us into waves. I think he was doing re-entries but I couldn't understand what was going on!

Later We started running into the Bozos and their hangers on. Despite the intimidation I had to admire their ability.

I'm past anything but the lamest day out there now due to injury, fitness and kids, but if you are learning to surf get out there and find out the hard way.

PS no surf school nearby, just the "School of Hard Rocks"

Ha Ha Ha

By white rock the other day , 02-05-2007

i went - Eh seppo, re your message left 18 Feb saying this place will be your first stop. That was my message that you pulled out from 2003 - quite a coincidence cause I only check this stupid site once in a blue moon. Anyway, those things I mentioned are all true (except for the iceberg - although some of them drifted up to about Christchurch this year!). After you've been why not post another message and tell the world what you scored - big boulders rolling down the hill, gale force winds, sealions, sharks, hostile locals, etc. I be very curious.

By Seppo , 18-02-2007

White Rock here I come! - myth??
15 Jan 2003 - 12:18
"I've been to this spot a few times and have had my tent flattened by the wind, the car almost blown over, seen dead sharks dumped on the roadside, wrecked the car's suspension, been stuck in swollen streams and even had boulders come charging down the mountainside. Surf-wise had some good days, like anywhere, but also been hammered on the rocks, had swell drop before my eyes, seen icebergs drift by, chased by sealions, locals hassle and majority of visits flat. The place doesnt perform anymore than anywhere else. It may make a good photo somtimes but its deceptive - the waves fatten out, section and the swell is totally unpredictable."

Hmmm... Good, consistent, hollow, lined up, off-shore, worth the trip you say??? Thanks for the tip. This Yank promises that White Rock will be his first stop in New Zealand.

By Anonymous , 19-09-2006

Go Surf - F@#%! the man selling the keys! park up walk and and go surfing!! What sort of money hungry fool can deny anyone the freedom to surf one of nz's many best surf spots! Our coastline is for all to enjoy!

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