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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Lyall bay

New Zealand, New Zealand NI, SW Coast

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By Anonymous , 05-12-2007

Lyall rules - Howzit going?Lyall Bay rocks!I learnt to surf there ,I started on a polystyrene floater,It used to give me a wicked rash on my chest.I used to go out in 80 knot stherly winds,sometimes 10 metre swells.U had to jump in the "Hillman Hunter"and drive round to near the "bombora"by Hungerford rd and jump off from there .Messy but big ,no one else out.Lyall Bay had many different treats to offer the hardcore grommet.

By Anonymous , 25-10-2007

lyall crankz - ye boi lyall z sick on da south swells its a top wave, stop bitchin abwt it, jst surf it man.

By JMB , 30-04-2006

Corner - The corner is as good as anywhere in the world on its day. its just that its day is once every 5-10 years. as for locals i was/am a local there who is living elsewhere right now but soon to return. i think on really good hollow days that if you cant really take a drop & get barreled then maybe surf elsewhere for that day. I spent 100s of days pulling into closeouts on the bend before imposing myself on the corner but it seems that people think its a cool idea to paddle out at the corner on a mal or 4'11 k slater thruster armed with 2 weeks surfing experience & stuff it up for others who have done thier time. In short i think there is a place for some level of localism at city surf breaks. As long as the ones serving it up do have some degree of competency at riding waves. As for non hollow days well everyone has to start somewhere so i guess all should be welcome. DONT DROP IN ON ME. THANKS.

By S , 22-10-2005

where are u? - hi does any one there know DYLAN MCKEE?? if so tell him sile (sheila) is looking for him! cheers..slan ;)

By anonymous , 05-09-2005

- Spot on! if you dont like it go somewhere else... wellies has plenty of selection. The wall is an epic wave when its on but I just cant stand the crowds so ull find me at places liek breaker, eastbourne or even wainui.... NZ is a farken island... get out there an explore! Places like lyall are crowded with people who have no respect and dont understand the concept of a lineup its an attitude that needs to change!

By an actual local , 09-08-2005

If you dont like it fuck off - Whats the matter with you people, what the fuck do you expect? lyall bay is 10 mins away form the capital city center of course its gonna be a first choice for people to come down and have a surf. Having started surfing here 25 years ago Ive seen everything change the beach, the waves and the number of people in the water in that time Ive riden shortboards, longboards, kneeboards and even softops when the waves are realy small and I now manage one of the local surf shops but I still put up with the jet skis, canoes, goatboats greedy fuckwit guys sittin way out the back on longbords & the punk ass faggot shortboarders windmilling 3 at a time on the shoulder, droping in and straightening out completly fucking the wave for the guy who waited paitently and had priority.
What missing at LB is respect, seems only a hand full of the people in the water understand the concept. All this being said its not gonna change the general culture of the place, surfing is popular in wellington but the reef is not going ahead because there was not enought support from the local surfing comunity. All the whining "loacls" who bitch on about the crowds and odinary waves just sat around and did nothing whilst the council flushed any chance of the reef project down the crapper.... well done guys!.
So next time your in the carpark at the corner have a look around, if the waves and crowds are gonna fuck you off, dont get in because your probably one of the wankers bringing the bad vibes and poor behaviour & with that attitude you wouldnt be welcome at any surf break here or overseas.
Mayby it will free up a few waves for the people who still remmber how to enjoy surfing in Weillington

By not a local , 23-01-2005

sweet as - well ive only been to lyall bay a couple of times it was mad the waves were hudge and i dont fink people should b dising the place coz it rockz!!!!peace out

By anonymous , 20-01-2005

reef - you cant just slab a reef in and say it will increase waves, there are a series of other factors which have to link up with the man made reef eg the contours further out behind the reef actually set up the waves to hit the reef, the reef is no the cause, think about it, its some thing u cant make. by all means try give it a go, u neve know.

By Local , 03-12-2004

For news -

Could be a while yet :(

By anonymous , 03-12-2004

Reef news - They've got resource consent from the regional council and mediated all the objections. Now the trust is just looking for the balance to fund it - roughly $1m, but going up as time drags on. The trust has approached many major potential sponsors but no luck so far (other than the City Council and the Airport). Contact Gooodtime surfboards if you can help.

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