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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 East Cape

New Zealand, New Zealand NI

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By Anonymous , 13-05-2008

USA dude - If you're from the US, you'll have to show even harder that you're a good dude, it's true. But just be humble, not loud, be respectful, not arrogant, if you don't like brown people, then you won't like Gisborne and many places in NZ (apart from a few rednecks havens), but if you're open, then you'll find nice people, good weather and sometimes nice waves. Don't expect insane or world class surf...because you won't find it there. For that, go to Taranaki, Raglan, Wairarapa or Shippies. If you're respectful, open, and come for the right reasons, then I'm sure you'll like the place, like anywhere in NZ. cheers bro.

By anonymous , 21-11-2005

- Gisborne is not spelt 'Gisbourne' as shown on the map on this web site.

SRM suck each others nuts

By biggest, I'm bigger so sit down , 10-10-2005

Seppo - Yes, you're right "dude" but I'll give some tips anyhoo.

Go to Scotty's Bar and Grill on a Saturday night. Everything about Gizzy will be LOUD and clear.

Drink Steinlager (in any city in NZ). Try Gisborne Gold if you like smooth natural, batch brewed beer. I'd say it is the best beer in the world but people from other places laugh and imagine cat piss in a plastic bag.

Eat a makatu pie.

Eat Kina until you have aquired the taste, they really are nice. Be sure to slurp up the guts.

Jump off the Tolaga Bay warf and try to get your splash higher that the warf. Can be good waves there too, use your eyes.

Don't piss anyone off. By that I mean don't talk, not a peep. Your accent will be recognized and you'll have no credibility with the chicks (who only come out in summer anyway). Who knows where they go for the rest of the year

George W is a dickhead, how can USA be represented by such a goose? economy is falling apart, more and more suicide attacks... targeting Australia. I'm going to charge Sri Lanka next year because Bali is too sketchy, travel insurance is well um...thanks USA! Bush your a dickhead.

By anonymous , 09-03-2005

NZ info. - Okay, I've been surfing for 20 some years, and I know I'm going to reap a rash of crap for this, but, can I get a Gisborne local that wouldn't mind giving me some insight on the area. Not surf spots, as there is always enough info. to be had on that topic, rather the area itself, the people, lifestyle etc. I'm writing to you from the U.S., and really feel the need to get away from here, if not pemanently, at least for an extended period of time. NZ has always been on my list of must see places, and feel the time to do so is fast approaching. Big question, do the people of New Zealand hate us like much of the world, or rather are we tolerated. Go ahead, take your shots.

By amon , 06-05-2003

best surf spot - gisborne has consistently good swell either in town or coast beaches. many of the countries best surfers originate from here and are always stoked to return. there are beaches for all levels and alot of surf schools starting up. recently a new back packers designed for surfers has opened up...chalet surf lodge.
it is an isolated place to get to but most people love it once they get here, and this is a bonus in keeping crowds away. if you get the chance well worth checking out.

By setteling traveler , 21-12-2002

What a cool little place - After visiting Gissy twice I'm pulling up my roots and moving there. No crowds compared to the rest of the world. Not the best waves in the world, a bit small and gentle, but as a package it has a lot to offer. Goodish waves, warmish temps, lack of people and real laid back place.

By , 16-05-2000

Thanks - - Great to have some 'local' info - we will probably use your descriptions in the regional page...

If you ever feel sufficiently motivated, we would really appreciate any help you could give in adding data for some of your local spots (via the add a spot form), and better still some photos!

By anonymous , 10-05-2000

Gisborne, East Cape - Firstly thanks for your excellent info on Tahiti, I hadnt found any other useful site.

In return I thought I could atleast offer a comment on my local area, and hope it may help others checking a mission.

In short, this is one of the most isolated areas in NZ, and like most of NZ its chilled (water and people!).

Youve seen the map but it doesnt show the mountain ranges.
Be prepared for long winding mountain roads.(its 3-4 hours drive from Gis to next city in any direction!).
Youll need a car and camping gear for the best of it.

On the world scale the waves are average.
Average surf is 2-5ft Winter (bring 4-5mm steamer); 0-3ft Summer (bring a springie).
Few spots handle 6ft+, few spots are world class.
Like anywhere, better known spots get crowded.
The standard of surfing is the best in NZ but locals are generally cool.
Like everywhere be chilled, smile and enjoy.

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