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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Hot water beach

New Zealand, New Zealand NI, Coromandel

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By anonymous , 02-11-2004

sharks! - what r u on oi! the biggest shark ive eva seen @ hotty is bout 50cm long!and i live there!

By anonymous , 18-04-2004

camping closed - The foreshore campground is now closed which is a real shame . The owners are building their dream house and I hardly blame them. This is a lovely little spot which I went to for the first time this easter. It was 1-2 ft but just beautiful clean fun with really nice people in the water . Thank-you for sharing your waves with me and if you are ever in Oz at my local I will show you the same courtesy

By respectful traveling surfer , 18-04-2004

seasons - Hey- anyone know what the best season is for this area? I am heading to NZ for their winter (June and July are the months of my trip) and this place sounds killer. Any help would be graciously appreciated.

By indy , 07-06-2003

love this place - always seems to have swell when the rest of the coramandel is flat, have nailed some glassy little waves at dusk, fun time at the beach some real hotties ready to play when it gets dark........over new years period

By Orua Boardriders , 18-11-2002

In Hotwater and loving it! - My parents have a beach house round the corner at the beautiful beach of Hahei so I've been surfing Hotwater Beach for over 15 years. I love the place and when the point is cranking with a good late summer cyclone swell the wave is so much fun. The point starts off with a barrel upon takeoff near Vincent's rock and then walls up all the way to the beach for another cheeky barrel to finish off with. In winter you can have it all to yourself, then dig a hole in the lowtide sand for your own after-surf hotwater pool!

By , 02-11-2002

goes off - I used to surf there as a kid whenever the swell was up. It just seems to pick up more swell than the other Coromandel spots? It was kind've the spot we went to when everywhere wasn't quite big enough.
I've surfed there in pretty decent big surf and seen the north end of the beach going off.
The farmer who lives there must see some legend uncrowded days!

By sponge , 13-05-2001

gotta go here - I visited there last winter and it was fun. we missed a solid 3ft swell by one day and ended up with the biggest sets at almost 2ft(hawaiian size). Still good fun though. We stayed at the campground for a few nights and i can imagine how sick that place would be. No one around, even if there is, there is a a beach as long as forever with as many peaks as infinity. we went scounting on the beach and on the far side of the bay is a super sick wave, with a whole bunch of other peaks pitting in the middle of the bay. thats a place im for sure to visit again. just gotta make sure theres a swell other wise its pretty damn boring. the nearest town is a good drive away. A must visit place. The locals there told us the right(which is the real break) can hold up pretty good size swells and it starts at the point and connects with this short right near the shore. its a dream wave.

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