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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Rick s reef

Micronesia, Guam

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By Ailak Tujakof , 03-06-2009

WTF - Too fast, furious, shallow, sharp with a living reef. Bring peroxide, bandages and a complete first aid kit, it's a necessity!

By Anonymous , 29-10-2008

double SS, silly shite - No more; looks like the pilot went back to the mainland. Persons that threatened him "reamain nameleSS" does this reference a certain rich kid faggot bodyboarder?

By Anonymous , 30-04-2008

not a secret - This place is not a secret but it also cannot accomodate alot of people in the lineup at one time. If you've been surfing for at least two years, you'll know that crowds are a recipe for hostility. If you don't know that, then you haven't surfed it when it's good.

By Anonymous , 29-04-2008

hardly a secret - Hostility is frowned on at Ricks. Save that testosterone for a place like "boat" there sonny, you'll just be laughed at.

By Anonymous , 24-04-2008

why? - Why would someone post the map to Rick's for all the world to see?
This will only encourage people who have no business being there to come out and surf this spot that's known to hurt and maim. This spot isn't all that big in terms of space and gets crowded really fast. Add that to an already hostile local spot and you have a recipe for disaster.
This spot is not for beginners especially when there's more than 15 people out.

By Anonymous , 29-10-2007

Ricks - When I lived in Guam in the early 80's, used to drop my wife off at the hospital right up the road and then slide down to that little right. It was also called freight trains, one because it was so fast, and two, if you didn't make it, you felt like you had just been hit by a freight train. It is good to know how to fall martial arts style, so you can stay as close to the surface as possible (shallow reef full of fire coral, urchins, you name it)

By Anonymous , 20-02-2007

Ricks 1964 check it out - Check out ricks back in the day....

By this sucks AND swallows! , 01-12-2006

Progress my ass - The access to this once classic spot is now blocked due to some big money hotel that decided to fence off the area in order to build a water park. First Magundes is declared federally off limits, Boat Basin is highly polluted, now Rick's is fenced off. What's next? I'm guessing that the governor will decide to call an executive order for people not to enter the water when waves reach waist high...wait a minute, he did that already. Oh well, nothing left to do but be a kook!

By Anonymous , 11-09-2006

yup - ricks can get sooooo good. just gotta be right swell etc. i lived about a mile from ricks for 5 years or so at end of the '90's. we caught it good so many times i can't tell you. seems that bigger was better for makable waves. lots of times it was just a fast closeout. still get a good barrel before you got pounded and dragged over the reef. can get pretty scary when it is big.

By Shelly , 26-08-2006

who is Rick? - Rick V., born and raised on Oahu,Hawaii. as a teenager he was sent to live with his father who was stationed on Guam in the 60's. Rick's brother tells me he was one of, if not the first to surf on this island. thus worthy for a spot to call his own. their are alot of other firsts in surfing history that Rick and his brother could claim but as the soul surfers way chose to burn the evidence. For the proof is in the pudding! you've probibly seen some shots of them in surfer and other magazines. they'd be marked as "unidentified surfer". For surfing is about fun, not compotition!

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