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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Boat basin rights

Micronesia, Guam

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By Sex Seven Juan , 20-01-2009

"dangling participle" -haha - People who point out these kinds of mistakes are usually the ones who can't stick to the subject. Why would you challenge a local on his spot when you know full well that localism is a part of surfing? Anywhere you go where the surf is good, you will encounter localism. How you handle it depends on how smart you really are. There are alot of Guam surfers that do surf other spots outside of Guam and they share their information to the boiz. Guam guys don't have the reputation of the white, arrogant fucks that try to assert their beliefs on the local population. Why not do a comparison and see what kind of attitude gets you a local welcome. I bet you a case of beer that Mr. dangling participle would run for the airport if he were to try and assert his beliefs on the locals instead of bringing humility to a foreign place. Get over yourself mr. dangling participle and humble down or STFU!

By Anonymous , 18-01-2009

- ooohh. someone has to break out big words to a sixteen year old boy who is talking smack to you. I bet youre happy about yourself that you can talk big to a young teen. congrads to u, u literate kook. are u happy now that you got me with your big words. but let me tell you something if i was ur age I bet i could kick ur ass with my fins and no i will not need my boiz for they will laughing at ur monkey as getting spanked by me. We could of had fun if u just brought me my beer and weed. We could of been friend but no. u had to make jokes about pugua and spam. It felt like you are being racial, well anywayz enjoy ur surf and shut the fuck up.

By Anonymous , 07-01-2009

low IQ bullies - That's the best comeback you can muster; threaten someone with aggravated assault? "Don't let me slap you with my fins and then there will ba a lot of laughter coming from the boiz" Okay, I won't. By the way, your participle is dangling; but that's the least of the problems with that sentence. Was the Dr. Freud reference too arcane? Apparently so, some research and if you still don't get the joke get back to me. The question remains are you scared to surf without your "boiz" around? I'd be willing to wager, that tough guy bravado ceases if you show up someplace and there is no one in the lineup you know. Keep that in mind son, one day you may want to surf somewhere other than Guam. With that being said, I'd urge you and your ilk to: Get a real job, move out of your parents house, and stop wasting my tax dollars on food stamps and welfare. You perpetuate an already negative stereotype of islanders, and you are an embarassment to other locals because of your ignorance.

By Anonymous , 07-01-2009

how about if i slap you with my fins - dr. freud. Don't let me slap you with my fins and then there will be a lot of laughter coming from the boiz.

By Anonymous , 05-01-2009

why would anyone owe you respect? - How about the haolies bring spam and pugua? Maybe you were born and raised on guam,...well congratulations. Your family must be so proud of you. Respect is predicated on surfing ability. If you were to show up at another spot without your boiz (...paging Dr. Freud?) you'd be laughed at.

By Anonymous , 04-01-2009

You can surf the spot but only.... - you can surt boat but only if u bring over a case of ice cold BUD and some good ass weed, and earn the respect from the boiz.

By Anonymous , 17-12-2008

- seems like all the mainland people are just mad that the boys wouldnt let them surf. sorry that this isnt like california. go home

By Anonymous , 27-10-2008

F#*K Guam - Bunch of kook ass spongers! Surf Magundas no locals, and much heavier!

Hafa adai you fags!

By hawaiian bodyboarder , 04-04-2008

right side better than south shore hawaii - I'm from hawaii and i bodyboarded right side. This wave has a lot of juice and is super hollow.I heard how right side is like point panic. But you know what, its a lot better. Guam bodyboarders have more guts than us south shore bodyboarders. You guys on guam are so lucky because hawaii is just so crowded and too expensive. I'm relocating to guam.

By Anonymous , 17-12-2007

homer - whats the atmosphere in Guam like.
Hearing mixed thoughts.

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