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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Raiatea Tahaa

French Polynesia

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By Anonymous , 11-08-2010

Localism is for ego manic morons - Going to get your ass kicked. You are loser, you will always be a loser and chances are your kids will be losers. The world doesnt need your close minded view on protecting surf spots and localism. To all locals who think they run the place. Get a life.

By Anonymous , 17-04-2009

Raiatea - Give the Locals what they want, don't go there, don't spend your money there, don't help their economy. That's a great way for the locals to help protect "their" waves. I haven’t been there, and due to all these negative comments, I’ll stay away and just keep on revisiting Tahiti – great waves and locals! Then, their next generation of kids won't be able to surf "their" waves, not because of crowds or outsiders, but because they'll all be broke, and have to travel to other islands/places to find work, and when they do travel away, I hoped they get vibed and hassled by the locals at the place they end plan by the locals. Simply put, locals should hassle visiters ONLY if they show disrespect. They should reward the ones that show respect, spend their money, and tell of great times visiting there. Stupid localism will only hurt in the long run.

By castagnoli , 30-10-2008

Positive Vibes - I thought that was surfing is to be all about..
The locals are great people, they are just afraid that there piece of Paradise if advertise will no longer be there.
Tahitians, Raiateans, Hawaians etc are all Polynesians..All they ask for is respect for their grounds and some want no publicity for their surfing spots..I mean how ridiculous some of the places have turned into..I heard of a spot in Fidgi that locals can no longer go because of a stupid hotel that have taken over it for their clients..How ridiculous can that be..Think about it..if you were born in a place, surfed their your whole childhood, grew up to be a man and a good surfer.. and then, people tell you:"don't come here anymore, it's for the hotel guests"..and you know what's worst, these people are foreigners. How would you feel?
If some of my friends have behave in a rough way towards you, it's because they do not know how to express themselves in your language and they want to protect..
Check out Moana's comment, he puts his name therefore he is not afraid of his identity..
Anyhow, enough said and let us understand one another and keep cool..
Tama is my name and I am Polynesian, Tahitian as well..I have 2 boys that are learning how to surf and I think of their future. If you come to Tahaa or Raiatea, look me up:

I am more into spearfishing than surfing but may be I can hook you up with someone that surfs on Raiatea..A+

By Blue patrol , 13-06-2007

Crazy locals - We got to this island, me and a couple friends. Locals showed up at a spot on the west side and asked us to pack up our camera (we were only taking a few pictures, even if the waves were not really worth the whole trip) and leave. As we did not want to cooperate, they just got crazy on us. And more of them came... As we were told later, seems like the place as been visited by a few dickheads before us, and didn't care with what the locals asked them and behaved like selfish dorks in the water. Seems like the locals are getting more and more pissed off when they see more than two surfers travelling together. Don't even think about boat trips ! Not the best trip at all !!!

By Anonymous , 08-04-2007

not worth it!!! - Nowhere to stay, waves aren't as good as Huahine or Tahiti, and the locals are not cool to visiting surfers, pass on this place unless you want to get your ass kicked for some inferior waves!!!

By Da guf , 20-02-2007

Better not... - Island full of aggro locals, plus the waves are not that good. Needs tons of swell, and wind always wrong. Breaks are far away from shore, boats expensive, and on top of that those guys will kick your ass.
Tahiti is way better.

By ten , 02-06-2005

Surf tripto Raiatea - Man, Raiatea is the most magnificient island, if you wanna have a cool surf session, Tehurui is the better spot, 'cause there's nobody, I went in July, and nobody was on the spot !!! Tehurui is a beautiful left!!!

By teraupoo from tairineneva , 17-12-2004

$$$$! surfing is totaly forbiden - i am a local surfeur born here raise here ,i live just in the beach, my name is moana ,i know lot of alien surfeur know who i am some whith good opinion must of all hate me , i don"t care i am here to protect the respect,liberty,of my island home and all the locals,especialy from the big team who think only whith money here is not hawaii not tahiti to, here is raiatea to u fenua , pii noa hia na to u mau tupuna o hawaiki nui te fenua moa,te ie hoe aau no to u aia "na nia oe i te tai e tarava noa te anuanua mi apatoerau o to u aia ia o raiatea . hoe a nae mate no tatau pautu!!

By anonymous , 28-11-2004

W - An 'Irish looking guy'? Did you hear him speaking and could you actually tell what an Irish accent is? I'd be very surprised if you got that kinda crap from an irish person.

By Ty in Arizona - , 05-12-2003

going in December 2004 - My wife is from tahiti and her G-ma grew up on Raiatea and I grew up surfing So. Cal. Lower Treatles mainly. I was hoping to surf in Raiatea and possibly Tahaa. Does anyone know how the waves are that time of year? Is there a surf shop on the island? Can you bring boards on the smaller planes? Anyway, I love the people and the Islands and wish that I could spend more time there but I only have a 2 week window. Any info would be great!

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