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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


French Polynesia

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By Glen Gremie August 2005 , 07-08-2005

Haapiti - This is like little Teahupoo. Surfed it at 3-4 meters (9-12 feet). Clean up sets and sneeker waves were in the ligitiment 4 - 4.5 meter range (12-15 ft range). Dead serious surf. These rouge set waves will jack up fast and leave you little time if any to escape the impact zone. Plenty broken boards and scratched and cut surfers. If its pumping DONT bother paddeling out if you have ANY hesitations about big dangerous reef surf. The current will drag you down the reef away from the channel and place you way too deep to take off if your not paying attention. You will constantly need to paddel to stay in position when its big. Take off too deep and you will pay. Bring your "A" game or stay on shore.

When its small 1-3 meters (3-9ft) expect a crowd of 15-20 surfers. A lot of locals that have the placed wired. Do not expect to impress anyone. And do not expect to get many waves on the small days. These claims of empty waves are BS

When its big you better be prepared. If you are not you will need plenty limes to kill the reef bacteria, and a few friends to hold you down when its applied.

By anonymous , 13-05-2005

thanks - Nick thanks for the info on the boats. I will be bringing extra stuf to leave behind.

By french frie , 10-05-2005

- this place needs to stay quiet ,be cool you will have your bomb bring 2 boards at the least waves are hungry ,and if you can leave one over there for a good price will be fine .respect maruuru.

By SB Steve , 06-05-2005

To Nick from Fla. Max Board length - Thanks for the reply, in the last few weeks I have heard similar info. - I've decided to only take my 8'4" fun shape in a plain board shipping box with bubble wrap I heard from many of my friends that's the easiest way. One friend said he brought an 8'2" and had no problem. If I do have problem flying with them I guess I'll have to send them behind me by sea. I'll post when I get back and let others know how it goes.
I'm leaving friday the 14th. Thanks again.

By nick from florida , 22-04-2005

to braly - Where are you staying on Moorea?

I was not able to surf on Moorea during my trip last June (caught waves on Huahine, instead) ... on Moorea, though, there are a few breaks listed on wannasurf -- near the airport and a few others. The one by the white church -- Haapiti, I think? -- seemed to be the best when I was there, although it certainly takes a boat or kayak to get to it as the paddle seemed to be about a mile or so.

There was a campground/kayak outfitter near the church, an American, I think, who might be able to assist with a kayak or a boat, but there didnt seem to be any charter companies who could take you to the break like there was at Teahupoo.

If you're good with locals, check around and you might be able to find someone who could take you out then either pick you up, or paddle back -- it's a trek, though, at some of the breaks.

I packed a few extra leashes, some hats, a few t-shirts, to give to folks along the way.

Good luck.

By Nick from Florida , 22-04-2005

to steve from santa barbara - Steve, I took a 7'6" to Moorea, Huahine and Tahaa last year with no problems ... EXCEPT getting from Papeete to Moorea (which is a big except).

Turns out the Twin Otter we took to Moorea doesn't allow boards -- no room -- so my wife and I took the plane and the board took the ferry. Not a big deal, the folks are friendly and trustworthy, but it was a bit disconcerting for me to go one way and my board to go another.

Once we were on Moorea, all other flights were good and the board was able to be stowed as cargo.

My best advice is to contact your travel agent or contact the airline services directly -- there's every chance that the board would be too long, too heavy, etc.

Better to find out now, eh?

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'll check the post often.

By Steve from Santa Barbara, CA-USA , 08-04-2005

Max Board bag/box length for inner island flights - I'll be arriving in Tahiti in late May and have made arrangements to go to 4 of the islands on my honeymoon (Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine and Tahiti)
Does anyone know the Max lenght I can take on these smaller flights, I'll be bringing an 8'6" travel case w/ 2 boards

By Fast Eddie , 03-04-2005

Cooking out and a boat! - Are there any BBQ's at the public beaches in Moorea? We want to bring some steaks or grill fish but need to know if there are parks with grills. Also, still looking for someone with a boat to take us out to the breaks, we'll pay for the gas or brews. We'll arrive next Wednesday on the 6th, Thanks

By , 29-03-2005

what do the locs need. - I will be comeing to Moorea in may for my honeymoon and need a someone to point me in the right direction on spots and boat rental. I will be bringing extra leashes, traction, wax, and boards depending on room in my bag. I have surfed all over the world always respect, and never had problems with the locals. I just want to surf. If there is any one out there that can help hit me back. THANKS...

By anonymous , 19-02-2005

can you rent boards on the island? - ?

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