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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Sigatoka rivermouth


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By Anonymous , 06-07-2009

HT - Tip - paddle out river mouth. The shore break sweep can be a battle.

By Undeez , 06-04-2009

Rivermouth has real potential - Just back from Fiji and surfed one day here. Met Paul and surfed in real strange conditions.Strong current dragging towards rivermouth. Funny peaks that were a little gutless. Apparently the day before had great surf and no current. Funny thing was I was talking to Paul when two japanese girls got sucked out and we had to rescue them. Paul reckons theres surf most of the year. If I was in the area I would go back but I wouldnt plan my trip around it.

By Anonymous , 02-12-2008

club masa - just returned from fiji had some sik waves at the rivermouth stayed at club masa good to see its up running again such a cool place to hang good food thanks john... and local boys are super friendly

By Anonymous , 28-10-2008

Great time at Sigatoka - I just returned from a family holiday at the Fijian. Rented a car and drove to Jordan's Sand Dunes Inn. After all the blogs on negative Fiji experiences, I have to say my experience was so different! Jordan took me over the dunes to check out the surf, I then met Paul, a great surfer ( with a great shark bite scar)and we scored 3 to 5ft great A frame in the rivermouth. Next day I surfed with Paul and his two cousins and felt completely at home in great company and great surf. Check out Jordans place, meet Paul, and get back to waht surfing should really be about in this beautiful place.

By leroy , 05-09-2008

good beachies - scored some sick waves here the crew are super cool would recommend a visit here sick joint sinatoka ahhhh get some new shorts bra

By Anonymous , 31-07-2008

Recent visit to Sigatoka - Just had a surf here on Wed 30th July and it was great. It was a bit smaller so the rivermouth wasn't really working, but the beach breaks further west were. Nice little wave.
You can also stay with a really nice guy named Jordan who owns the Sand Dunes Inn, on your right just before the Club Masa gate. $25FJD a night and he's just as close to the dunes as club masa.

If you haven't got time to get off the main island to a reef break, then Sigatoka is definitely worth a stop.


By Anonymous , 15-06-2008

- hey im staying at the shangri-la resort a few k's west of sigatoka and was wondering if there would be any alternative to transport or anything from the resort to sigatoka rivermouth as i dont have a car there but want to surf? cheers

By Nick , 11-03-2008

Sigatoka and the Boys - I got back from Fiji yesterday. i stayed at the Warwick and was becoming a little disillusioned about surfing until I met Sam, Paul's brother, who works at the Warwick. Sam and Paul arranged my transport and hooked me up for a surf at Sigatoka and a few reef breaks. At first it all seemed a bit dodgy but the boys came through and when I arrived at the Sigatoka beach I was greeted with 4-5 foot barrelling bombs. The problem however was hooking into them as we surfed the river mouth and there is a lot - and I mean allot of water moving about. On top of that its murky, its brown and there are sharks. One even jumped out of the water after our session just to say hello. The boys assured me they dont bite until I saw Pauls arm, but I reasoned that his attack reduced my chances of being biten! When its big this spot is challenging as any as the currents are a bitch. The water coming out of the mouth moves at about 10 - 15 knots creating whirlpools and undertows. At one stage I jumped too far into the channel and was sucked under with my board but thankfully came back up! Local knowledge pays and the boys are full of it. Stick with em and youll be fine but know your limits. The wave is long and powerful and is good as any reef break with barrelling sections. There's also plenty of options as its a long beach. Re the comments on the site about the state of Club Masa, they dont hold themselves out to be a five star resort so dont expect it!? I guarantee you however that the boys will show you a good time, some adventure, and a trip to remember. Thanks guys and all the best!

By Anonymous , 04-03-2007

The Gorgeous Kulukulu Sigatoka Sandhills - Growing up there was the best thing the sandhills,the reef right across the inlet,the tropical weather,the surf and the friendiest people also the delicious sea foods.Thats a place I could return to over and over again.Cheers to Paul,Thomas,Isoa good buddies.
Love Rosemary
Sydney Australia

By anonymous , 03-11-2006

From the owners of club masa - There is a movie being shot at Club Masa from late September to November 4th.Movie is called Straight Edge.We hope everyone enjoys the place and waves. we are still in the process of trying to get a road to our property.

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