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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Titoko , 08-01-2006

Who can surf Pipe? - Can u surf Pipe and other waves around that area if you are not staying at the Waidroka Bay Resort? We are looking at staying at The Beach House and catching a boat round to those spots......

By anonymous , 07-01-2006

If not October when then? - Thanks for your reply Part time resident, We want to get good waves and good weather just need to know between what months would be best,Thanks

By Part time resident , 06-01-2006

October is a roll of the dice - Lots of weather that time of year. I'd say wait a month or two when the winds are gone.

By , 05-01-2006

Is October a good time to go to Fiji? - Help please. Just need some advice on the surf in Fiji around October, 8 of us from NZ are keen to surf around Frigates and King Kong area. We are looking at staying at Nagigia Resort and Batiluva Resort, any one got any advice, thanks.

By I come in peace , 29-12-2005

Quiver Info - Hi i've grown up in Cape Town and surfed pretty much the whole of the west coast beach breaks and points (heavyish and mega cold),particulary Elands Bay,Heaven and Lamberts.I generaly surf a 6'0 on beach breaks and reserve a 6'6 for points over 4-6ft.Do you reckon i need to take any bigger boards like a 6'9 or even a 7'6 mini gun for the heavier days @ cloudbreak?I was looking to bring the 6'0,6'6 and 6'9.
Any advise would be welcome.Cheers

By Friend of Fiji , 05-11-2005

Hey, that's not fair - So uncool to steal my handle. Would you steal my wave too?

By Rob , 31-10-2005

Back from Fiji - returned from a short trip to Fiji, actually a convention. Managed to sneek in 2 days of surfing at Waidroka. Waidroka was the only place close to my hotel. Called them up on the evening, got a surf report from a guy called Clark who told me to be at the resort next morning at 7:30. Rough boat ride to Frigates but waves were good, 6ft, dropped by noon to 4ft. Next day came back and surfed Pipe this time. Im a bodyboarder and liked Pipe better. Very fast and shallow.
If you just want to drop in and join a surf trip, Waidroka is convenient. Don't know about food and bures, didn't stay there.

By Real friend of Fiji , 31-10-2005

Where to stay - Surfed at Waidroka this summer.
Don't know about curfew, we left each day at different times because of the tide. Back after 5 hours. Was enough most of the time. Prices not cheap but not high either. Surfed Serua at 4-5ft after Frigates stopped working. Serua is better on outgoing tides, gnarly but fast and long. Frigates was 6-8 for 3 days, then stopped.
Food was OK, always enough cost OK too. Management OK too, no problems. Shannon the surf guide took care of most of the stuff, no problems either. Stayed on an island last time but this was much better. Even drove to Suva one night. Nightclubs nothing to speak of, all got drunk though.

Thinking of going. But can't get over the bad press. Only going for 10 days in July. Has new management got the message yet. Can u get boats early. Is it worth putting up with the hassles.How many breaks are really available? Has the food improved? where else would u suggest to maximise the surf?

By Mark , 30-10-2005

Hey Snake - I stayed at Waidroka in July and sure didn't feel bent. Frigates was up, around 12-14ft, we surfed every day for a whole week. Broke my board on the day before the last, but was trired anyway. Boats were out after breakfast, we usually changed 'shifts' with some other local boats out at Frigates that arrived earlier and left after we came. On one of the days the resort sent a second boat after us but they had made sure that most of the guys didn't want to surf anyway- too big, they just came to watch. Staff was friendly, nice enough crowed at the resort and we got along with everybody.
I have no idea about the bad press stuff, we had fun, better than average waves and a few beers.

By Sean , 26-09-2005

Hey Toby - Hey Toby remember Sean from the Gold Coast, met you guys on your last day. We ended up staying at Waidroka for a week and surfed Frigates every day! Broke my brand new board, lucky I had one more. Toby is right I had a great time don't know who about some of you guys complaining. Had better waves than Indo last year.

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