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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By doug v . maui , 29-05-2006

a fair waidroka opinion - Aloha. well, i will be fair here regarding whats going on at the waidroka resort. My wife and i have been there 3 times now , and have seen 3 different managers. Ill keep this short. The place is being mismanaged. The managers appear to lack resort/hotel mangement experience, resulting in poor service,a lack of maintenance of the resort itself(buildings, etc) and therefore very upset customers (refer to all the other contributions for specific. In the hospitality biz, you have to really cater to your customer and keep the employees stoked to be working there (especially working with the fijian people and their culture). Well, while we were there, the employees were pissed off, and 99% of the customers wanted to leave early (never wanting to return). Maybe the owner's business plan is to just keep on getting the surfers/divers who just pull them up off a brochure and then dont care if they return or not. I hope not. Waidroka could be a good place to be if its run right. The opinion from the surfers while we were there was that the place needs a lump of cash thrown in to get it all up to speed (maintain the buildings/grounds/boats, more boatmen, fix the 4-wheel road to get in there in the first place), work with the employees rather than above them and take care of the paying customers. Honestly, i wont go back unless I hear from the locals that they have changed their philosophy about how to run a resort. The way it seems to be going, they will probobly burn out and someone else will buy in and hopefully do it right. they better, because there are a string of other resorts being built right around the corner. aloha

By , 27-05-2006

3 not so experienced surfers... - ..are going to Fiji in june. We're so wanting to surf and wonder where the ocean might be friendly with us. So. Does anybody know a nice place on Fiji, not to expensive? Thanks!

By anonymous , 23-05-2006

Bataluva VS Yanuca Island resort - Hi Guys
I'm heading over to fiji from OZ for 7 days in June can you please tell us if Batiluva is a sh%thole with unpleasant owners like one guy had stated on this site or if it's a true island paradise with good food , good accomm ,surf and other activities as my boyfriend surfs and I don't.
We were also looking at the Yanuca island resort can anyone give me some informataion on this place from their experience of staying there.
Nagigia was another option but after reading the reports on this site might change our minds as it hasn't really been given a good wrap.
If anyone has any suggestions at all on where to stay out on the islands we are looking for good food , accom ,snorkleing,surfing and other activities to do your thoughts would be appreciated.


By anonymous , 02-05-2006

plantation Island - im coming to fiji in june is plantation Island a good place to base myself for surfing

By , 26-03-2006

i'm a waidroka bay lot owner.can anyone help me out please. - g'day guy's,how you all doing?I would dearly love to build on my block in the near future to accomodate for my future trips to fiji.i come over every year and fish and also have my own boat there purposely decked out for game/sport fishing and transporting people.i I know exactly what you guy's mean when you are reffering to the past and current owners.i like alot of you are quite simply saying that what the past and present owners have done and are doing know in the way they have tried operating the resort is not up to scratch at all in price and customer service.i won't be staying ther can't even make your own coffee in your bure or keep anything cold.the price you pay for what you get is shithouse.i've seen how may people cram on the boat to go surfing if they're lucky enough to get just got to hope it's high tide.i've seen on some occasions where people didn't even get out their entire holiday due to lousy excuses bought makes you feel sad and angry to see the faces on some of the guests.i could go on and on about the resort there but thats not why i am here.waidroka bay is such a beautiful place and am glad i have my own block there.i'm finding it very hard to gather imformation on the costs of building a fiji style holiday bure or bigger on poles.can anyone suggest or recommend some local builders and how much on average it would cost to have a holiday shack built.if anyone could help me or give me any advice on how to go about this matter it would be so greatly appreciated guy' the mean time take care.

By anonymous , 26-03-2006

cath & co - can't speak for lutoka north, but i reckon you are going to disapointed with whats on offer for kids and wives between nandi and suva unless you stay at an expensives resort, not the shit rip off ones like seashells and waidroka. If i was going back with my wife and kids i would probally go straight to kadavu.

By Cath & Co , 23-03-2006

surf spots - any suggestions - travelling to fiji in September with hubby, another couple and 4 kids (2 - 7). Looking to rent nice house near good surf spot where husbands can enjoy regular good waves but kids & mums can relax on beach. Definitely dont want resort as kids are too feral but does this make it hard with local surf politics? Is there any surf north of Lautoka or on Vanua Levu island or is Sigatoka to Suva our best bet?

By anonymous , 19-03-2006

watch out for waidroka - The resort hasn't paid its road tax in two years, dump their rubish into the creek because they are too tight to have it carted away and are genearally a bunch of wankers. The locals are good but thats just the way native fijians are but from what i hear they have had enough. I certainly would not be prepaying for my stay there.

By , 10-02-2006

staying at the beachhouse - Hi floks, im staying at the beachouse and want to surf some nice small waves , not into the super swells. It seems like there is a fare bit of pay for surf, rent a break thing going on in fiji the last thing i wish to do is step on anyones toes RESPECT is paramount in my book.Is it possable to stay at the beachouse and still go surfing with a boat that has these rights to local reefs?
can i paddel out in front of the beachhouse and surf dorsets....who should i pay? should i pay at all? what should i pay, im a tad perplexed at the pay for surf thing so any help would be greatly apreciated.more than happy to spend a little moola and help the locals out. cheers
from australia
bigboy pete

By Recent visitor , 14-01-2006

Surf at Waidroka... - Just returned from Fiji having stayed at Waidroka for a week. The staff are very cool--food is good as well, and the surf is excellent. Management sucks ass!!! Accommodations are decent if you like brown water after the rain. Boat trips to surf are unpredictable because management is so disorganized. Surfers had to take over and organize the surf trips. Pipe was pretty good, Serua and Resorts are worth going to. The good surf outweighs the crappy management. If staying there, don't stay out too late because the barriers go up and you'll wind up sleeping in your car, in the freaking jungle--never stayed at a resort where the guests have a curfew hmmm...

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